Branding To Win Market Share


Situation & Overview:

ParkerWhite has worked with DJO Global on a number of projects and initiatives through the years from rebranding to gain market share within the “off-the-shelf” brace category, to utilizing gamification strategies to help stimulate and synergize national sales teams.

Strategy & Concept:

For the DonJoy FullForce brace branding strategy we aimed to create a rich background story for the product. The campaign highlighted the amazing athletes who only wear DonJoy braces, allowing the medical device company to develop a premium positioning within the competitive off-the-shelf environment.

medical device branding


We understand that companies are always trying to do as much as they can with as little marketing resources as possible. ParkerWhite helped DJO Global creative innovative collateral pieces for its spine treatment and bone growth product lines to help win market share in their respective categories.

DonJoy medical device branding

Work Content:

• Rebranding Strategy
• Website design and development
• Microsite design and development
• Customized Sales intranet utilizing Microsoft Sharepoint
• Gamification sales strategy featuring a fantasy football theme
• Print Advertising


• DonJoy exceeded their 2009 FullForce brace sales projection goal by $1.5M
• The DonJoy FullForce brace was the fastest selling brace to reach $2M in the company’s history
• Today, the FulllForce brace is the #3 selling brace in the entire line, including custom braces

Medical Device Branding
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