Meet the Newest Additions to the ParkerWhite Team

By  Lindsey Weintraub   Social Media Strategist | May 20,2013

The ParkerWhite team has been growing!

To keep you in the loop with the ParkerWhite team, we want to introduce our latest additions:


Leo Rabelo, ParkerWhite Team MemberLeo Rabelo, ParkerWhiteLeo joins us from his native Brazil. As a senior designer, Leo cranks out beautiful work for us with incredible speed. This detail-oriented designer is truly an artist –he’s passionate about programming, printing techniques, photography and film production as well. In his spare time he can be found working (what?), doing housework, playing with his son, or learning. Leo draws his design inspiration from old books, rock ‘n’ roll, Sci Fi movies and video games. He enjoys the fact that he gets to know a little bit about everything through his work. The three words he uses to describe himself are curious, hungry and visual. View Leo’s work on Behance.


Kat Hyde, ParkerWhite Team MemberLeo Rabelo, ParkerWhiteKat was born to a creative family. Her dad is a director of marketing and her mom is a copywriter, so it seemed natural for her to find her way into the marketing business. This detail-oriented queen of scheduling hails all the way from Britain. Kat loves the San Diego sunshine and the fast paced environment at ParkerWhite. With a mix of strategy and creative, Kat likes to get everything on budget and on time, and has a good eye for the work. When she’s not in the office, she’s baking delicious desserts or engaged in arts and crafts. The three words that Kat uses to describe herself are creative, determined, and a team player.


Ryan Parker, ParkerWhite Team Member

Ryan Parker, ParkerWhiteRyan is all about design. He enjoys working with the team and is inspired by the other designers work. His biggest source of inspiration is his dog Ziggy. He enjoys photography and also grew up in a creative household with the influence of artistic parents. When he’s not immersed in design, he can be found working on underwater welding or going for long walks on the beach. Ryan is an avid traveller and has been all around the world, which has allowed him to touch base with a myriad of different cultures, inspiring his wide perspective. Ryan describes himself as passionate, driven, and a lover of all.


Lindsey Weintraub, ParkerWhite Team MemberLindsey Weintraub, ParkerWhiteLindsey is a social media fanatic who translates her love of technology, conversation, writing, creativity, and business acumen into social media

campaigns for ParkerWhite and our clients. She’s full of energy and always bursting at the seams with ideas. When she’s not in the office, she can be found running on the beach, staying-up-to-date with everything social media, news, technology, social good, marketing, advertising, business, etc., using social media, or socializing with her friends. The three words she uses to describe herself are energetic, expressive and tenacious.

Get to know the entire ParkerWhite team here.

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