Situation & Overview

DJO looked to ParkerWhite, their go-to agency for product launches, for a medical device product launch strategy and execution. They needed to gain market share within the competitive “off-the-shelf” brace category and defend against new competitors and new technology. They wanted to find a way to break away from product commoditization to develop a premium positioning in the market.14_DJO_InLine_1

Strategy & Creative

The FullForce campaign was created to make an emotional connection with consumers and give them a reason to buy beyond product features and benefits. A rich background story highlighting the amazing professional athletes who only wear DJO braces added a human element to an otherwise purely functional product. This fostered brand affinity and inspired people to choose DJO to help them return to the physical activities they love.14_DJO_InLine_2


DJO exceeded their yearly FullForce brace sales projection goal by $1.5M. The DJO FullForce brace was the fastest selling brace to reach $2M in the company’s history. Today, the FulllForce brace is the #3 selling brace in the entire line, including custom braces.