5 Tips To Improve Your Digital Marketing

Blog: 5 tips for an effective digital marketing plan in 2019

Every organization today needs to monitor and perfect their digital marketing plan to be successful. Customers are driven to the Internet to make purchases or educated buying decisions. Companies without a strong digital marketing plan are not only improperly servicing their clients, but they are losing customers to those companies that have an adaptive digital marketing strategy and plan.

Use the following 5 tips outlined below to guide you and your organization through creating a simple, but effective digital marketing plan.

  1. Define your target audience:
    One effective method to define your target market is to create a target buyer of a particular set of services or products. This typically includes a fictitious buyer’s demographic information, needs, preferences, and biographical information. Typically, multiple buyers are developed in the early stages of a digital marketing plan that represent the spectrum of the target market.Use this to focus on their buying habits, their social use and what their engagement style is like.
  2. Prioritize your digital/social media channels:
    List the most popular digital channels that exist today. Look at each channel individually and try to determine the value that channel could bring to your organization and if it fits your target customer. Value can be defined in many ways, including: # of new visitors, # of new leads, lower cost ($) of sale, etc. Then, independent of the value, look at the effort required to implement your plan across each digital marketing channel.Always keep an eye open to new opportunities within these social media platforms and use them to your advantage to gain a better engagement.
  3. Make your digital media marketing more memorable:
    Effective content marketing should include storytelling that creates a clear, concise, and compelling narrative that your customers will both remember and repeat. If you tell a great story, you’ll be happy with the memory that you have created on the web. Your marketing needs to create a picture that is unforgettable. Relevant details build a picture in the minds eye of your prospects. Context is what anchors that image to make it personally memorable.Making your content memorable to your customer creates that bond and relationship within itself.
  4. Website communication with chatbots:
    The way marketing is going into the new year of 2019 is making sure everything is easy and fast. It’s all about creating convenience for customers. People have questions, and most of them want their questions answered fast and in the moment or they move on to something or somewhere else.Prioritizing the opportunity for a chatbot can be very beneficial to both you as a brand or company and to your customers.Start by researching chat technologies, making sure chatbot works for your business, and create a strategy for responding to those chat requests that is easy and convenient for both you and your customers.
  5.   Experiment, test, and evaluate:
    Measuring marketing effectiveness and acting on that information in the next cycle of marketing will lead to improvements. This can include alternative executions such as variations in the marketing mix, analyzing performance of different target segments, introducing new tactics, or testing new offers. With a small portion of the total budget for experimentation, new insights can generate leaps in performance.