Get to Know Cindy White: Owner and Creative Director


Cindy White may come to work with the energy of a fresh graduate, but with 20 plus years of experience, she’s honed her talents and leads the ParkerWhite team with the poise of an expert.

But everyone has to start somewhere. Cindy began as an Art Director at a small advertising agency. She was paid commission for the work she brought in, and quickly built a following of her own. She approached the owner with the idea of a partnership, but reached a dead end and chose to forge her own path.

“It was the best ‘no’ I have ever had,” Cindy added, reflecting on the opportunity it presented her.

Today, Cindy is Creative Director and owner at ParkerWhite Brand Interactive. She’s at the helm of numerous successful client projects. The work can be challenging. “Every client and project is a new matrix to figure out,” she explained, “because we really need to get into the heads of our clients, their business, and their customers to understand where to align an emotional connection.” But like most good challenges, there’s a reward. Cindy thrives on seeing client success from ParkerWhite’s involvement, and the pride and ownership our clients take from being involved in the process. “The fun part is the journey of getting there with our clients,” she pointed out.

For Cindy, projects that involve helping people are the most rewarding. She’s proud of ParkerWhite’s work for Heal2gether, a national awareness program dedicated to promoting proper foot care for people with diabetes, educating individuals about diabetic foot ulcers, and encouraging those with diabetic foot ulcers to seek treatment from a wound care specialist. “If we can touch someone and make a positive change in their life, that means a lot to me,” she concluded.

She describes ParkerWhite’s signature style as really clean and crisp.

“Simplicity is the hardest thing to create,” Cindy said, referencing fashion designer Cynthia Rowley. For Cindy, “Simplicity in messaging is so powerful.” When it comes to her own work, Cindy finds herself most inspired when she’s out running, soaking in the scenery and feeling invigorated as ideas and revelations become clear.

ParkerWhite is most fun when she’s engaging with the entire team, working on our clients’ business. It’s about “seeing people growing, learning and creating intelligent and creative communications.”

At ParkerWhite, it is “a level of service and commitment to delivering an exceptional product that’s relevant and engages the response they [the clients] are looking for,” Cindy explained. Twenty-two years after ParkerWhite opened its doors, advertising has seen some changes. Cindy notes that now you can connect with your target consumer where they are. It is possible to narrow in on a very specific target segment instead of casting a wide net. Looking ahead to the next five years, Cindy sees ParkerWhite developing deeper relationships with its clients through outstanding design and being deeply engaged with customers at their point of interaction through online applications and social media.

“What excites me is working with great clients who really respect the work we do,” she said.