Get To Know Our Digital Strategist


Meet Richard Morrow, ParkerWhite’s Digital Strategist. He just celebrated his 1-year anniversary with ParkerWhite! Richard has over 13 years experience as a marketer, creative, and manager for various B2B and B2C corporations. Richard focuses on the comprehensive online strategy, visual user interface design, information architecture and user experience for all projects. In his role as User Experience Specialist, Richard works with our clients to gathering functional and user requirements, creating user profiles and scenarios, planning and executing user interviews. He leads the design of the information architecture and user interface, developing UI prototypes, and documenting user interface design standards and guidelines. He works with the design team to execute on the user centered design objectives and goals to deliver the optimal website for our clients.

We took the opportunity to ask Richard a couple of questions, here’s what he had to say…

What got you into the advertising industry?

I’ve always loved advertising and the creativity that goes behind it. I went to school specifically to get a degree in Advertising with the hopes and dreams that I would land a great job as a creative. After roughly 10 years of working as an in-house designer or marketing manager, I guess I finally made it.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I want to get a pilots license, so learn to fly!

What’s your favorite spot in San Diego?

I’m a beer snob, so if I take the time to travel to the Stone Brewery, I’m there.

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?

I am always overwhelmed by this question with too many possible answers. So, today I will say Ben Franklin.

What’s one of your favorite ad campaigns and why?

Volkswagen’s “Think Small” campaign by Doyle Dane Bernbach (DDB). I’m probably biased because I drove a VW Bug for 6 years as my first car, but even today I can look at those ads and only think “Brilliant!”

If you could go anywhere in the world on a two week vacation, where would you go?

I would be off to Europe. Always wanted to go, haven’t had the chance yet…off I go!

What’s the best way to spend a Sunday? 

Good surf in the morning. Sunny patio with good food, good people and good drinks during the day. Cook dinner and read a good book at night.