Hansen’s Loves SF Marketing Campaign

Today the Hansen’s team as well as our very own Keith and Cindy are taking to the streets to spread awareness for the Hansen’s Loves SF contest that is part of the Hansen’s Loves SF marketing campaign. They are going to be out and about almost every day from now until September 27th sharing free samples of Hansen’s and getting the information about the contest out. The street team is going to be driving around in these awesome vehicles, designed in house by Jet. You can see more pics of the street team in action on Hansen’s facebook fan page.







All of us at the office are really excited about this contest. We are eagerly awaiting new submissions and we can’t wait to share the tweets and photos taken by the street team. They are going to be posting to @HansensNatural as they cruise the city.

While I am excited to see who wins each week as well as who wins the grand prize I am really excited about the fact that Hansen’s partnered up with The National Gardening Association and are going to donate 10 cents for every vote made on the Hansen’s Loves SF website. Each time you vote San Francisco School Gardens are going to reap the benefits. How awesome is that? Kids will get a change to learn how to grow gardens and they will learn the benefits of fresh, healthy foods.

Needless to say, I am going to be getting as many people as possible to vote, whether they live in San Francisco or not. Helping students learn about healthy, sustainable living in any city is a benefit to every city.

When you have some time, check out what’s going on!