2019. New Year. New Marketing Trends. Is Your Brand on Board Too?

With a new year come new opportunities.

New alliances. New 2019 marketing trends. And of course, new pressures and challenges.

Chief amongst those challenges may be ensuring that all your organization’s budgets and strategies are in order. Having a plan is always important, of course – and the more intelligent and well-conceived the plan, the better your chances of achieving real success. That’s true in any year. But as we accelerate into a brave new world of intelligent voice assistants, augmented reality, seamless streaming video and 5G connectivity in 2019, it’s even more true today.

Of equal importance is ensuring that those plans are feasible and functional. Are they on strategy with your industry at large and your organization’s annual goals in particular? Are they on budget to the degree you can compete with the challenges and leaders in your industry? Are they on message with your established or newly envisioned brand voice? And are they on point with the prevailing – and coming – cultural, behavioral and technological trends?

This last item is particularly important when it comes to your marketing plan. To realize true success in 2019, your marketing plan must tap into the top trends and technologies.

Let's take a closer look at some of the most hotly anticipated marketing technology trends for 2019 – and offer some insight and advice on how to best align your organization’s marketing plan with them.

Marketing technology trends for 2019

Customer Experience (CX):

Voice Search:

Video Content:

AI Technologies:

It’s up to your company’s key executives and stakeholders to decide which areas of focus – and accompanying and emerging technologies – will best maximize both your budget and goals in 2019. No matter what path you decide on, the experienced, insightful and passionate professionals here at ParkerWhite can help you get ahead – and stay ahead – of the curve and the competition.

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2019. New Year. New Marketing Trends. Is Your Brand on Board Too?