Your Goal: Launching Your Med Device / MedTech Brand or Product

Navigating Challenges in Brand and Product Launches.

Strategy & Positioning

Spending your budget wisely to reach as many people as possible and make a big impact in the market, while also sticking to your strategic goals.

Creative Differentiation

Creating unique and compelling messaging and visuals. It's essential to capture audience attention and differentiate your offering in a crowded marketplace and make a lasting impression.

Go-to-Market Plan

Adapting your positioning strategy to an evolving market in real-time can be challenging, requiring agility and flexibility in your approach.

Our 5D branding process for successful brand and product launches.

A proven process for companies looking to take a deep dive approach to define their unique market position and brand strategy. The systematic process is extremely collaborative and is broken up into 5 distinct stages.



Align on Objectives
Understand Product & Brand
Competitive Landscape Audit


Positioning Strategy
Audience Demographics
Marketing Tactics
Metrics and KPIs


Brand Differentiation
Campaign Ideation
Creative Assets


Go-to-Market Launch
Owned Media
Earned Media


Data Analysis
Insights & Recommendations
Optimization & Testing

Medical Device Case Study

New Product Launches & Company Rebrand

Leads Generated

300+ / m

Sales Leads


Annual e-Commerce Sales


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