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5 Effective Habits For Achieving Marketing Integration

There are 5 important habits marketers must adopt today for true marketing integration:

1. Create change

Attracting, engaging, and retaining customers in the digital age is challenging and competitive, customers today are more empowered, demanding, and influential than ever before. To accelerate marketing performance, companies must change their old marketing strategies and adopt a true integrated multichannel strategy for creating the conversation with customers, and they need to do it in real time.

2. Challenge the “norm"

Many of today’s marketers don’t challenge the system and prefer to conform to “how things are done,” in creating their annual plan. Progressive marketers challenge the norm. They act as leaders and change agents who courageously strive to create new brand experiences, encourage innovative thinking, and use technology to their advantage.

3. Act continuously

Are you one of the marketers missing out on opportunities by becoming so overwhelmed with new options that it leads to indecision? Progressive marketers place a premium on speed and action when it comes to using new channels or taking on new customer-facing initiatives.

4. Personally lead the charge

Most marketers live in a world of top-down command-and-control organizations that remain detached from the front lines. Progressive marketers get personally involved in new media and marketing innovations in addition to empowering their team to take a personal stake in shaping the brand experience.

5. Remove the boundaries

Marketing departments are in constant flux. Those marketers that perpetuate silos stifle creativity and collaboration. Progressive marketers redefine organizational boundaries by motivating people to join forces in new ways, rewarding them for sharing knowledge, and equipping them with the tools to stay connected with each other.

Adopting the 5 habits and creating change in an organization can be challenging and many times overwhelming. Start with the one habit that seems to make the most sense in your team/organization, and stay focused. All 5 habits can be incorporated into your organization by the end of this year.

5 Effective Habits For Achieving Marketing Integration