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5 Tips for CTA Buttons That Get More Clicks

If you’re using landing pages to get newsletter signups, eBook downloads, or new leads, your success is completely dependent on whether or not people are clicking on your Call To Action (CTA) button. The design of your CTA button can have a major impact on whether or not people take action. The devil can be in the details, too. Small changes like button color, font size, or even a single word can have a big impact on conversion rates.

Here are 5 tips for CTA buttons that get more clicks:

1. Use contrast.

It’s a good idea to use contrasting colors. This makes a landing page easier to read and can help influence user flow. Contrasting colors can be used to indicate information hierarchy, giving users an idea of what is most important. To see what stands out best, try the “squint test.” Stand back, squint your eyes, and see which CTA button stands out the most.

2. Be clear.

The CTA should match the headline on your landing page. It’s important to make sure people understand what you want them to do and how they should do it. It’s your job to let users know what they can expect if they complete the CTA. Zap any hesitation people may have about clicking by letting them know the process is easy and won’t be time-consuming (if it is).

3. Move people to action.

The CTA button copy should prompt users to complete an action, so it’s a good idea to use a verb, such as “sign up” or “download.” Give people a sense of urgency. You want people to feel like they need to take action immediately. Copyblogger recommends writing a CTA button copy to complete the sentence “I want to…” This results in copy such as, “sign up for the newsletter” and “feel more confident talking to my doctor.”

4. Pick the right placement.

Your CTA button should be big and above the fold. Try placing the CTA button at the top of the page or in the middle of your layout. It should be somewhere prominent on the page.

5. Make it stand out. 

The CTA button should be easily seen. This means making sure it’s not too small. Factoring in whitespace is important too. Whitespace around a CTA button can help distinguish it from the rest of the content. Another way to make your CTA button stand out is to use arrows to guide users along the path they should follow, ending with the CTA.

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CTA Buttons That Get More Clicks: 5 Tips to Follow