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6 Tips for Generating Leads on Twitter Effectively

The problem with Twitter is figuring out how to separate the wheat from the chaff. With few rules, fewer leaders, and very little structure, it's not surprising that many marketers don't know what to do with it. However, generating leads on Twitter can be amazingly effective. Twitter is all about relationship building, which makes it very easy to turn followers into valuable prospects, clients, and brand champions. Generating leads on Twitter is possible when you have a strategy.

Here are 6 tips for generating leads with Twitter:

1. Follow selectively

Twitter is what you make of it. If you're not careful, it can lead you down multiple rabbit holes. That's why you should focus on interacting with people or brands that add value to your business when your aim is generating leads on Twitter.It's hard to attract and retain people's attention on Twitter, so the trick is to mainly interact with those who are interested in your knowledge and expertise.

2. Listen carefully

When you first start using Twitter, listen carefully to discover the interests of people in your industry so that you can approach them with relevant conversations that can lead to long-term relationships.Remember that sales opportunities don't happen overnight. Rather than bombarding people with sales messages, try to focus on content that your target audience would find interesting at various stages of their buying process. Ideally, this content links back to your website, where you can further engage with them using marketing automation for lead management.

3. Use Twitter lists

A twitter list is a curated group of Twitter users that is based on specific characteristics, e.g., key prospects, local media, customers, industry peers, competitors, etc. You may create your own list or subscribe to lists created by others.Lists help you to organize your followers and apply a strategy around your interactions with them. Since you will follow different people for different reasons, organizing them based on their usefulness helps you to focus on different engagement strategies that benefit your brand.

4. Provide compelling content

Learn how to craft compelling tweets that contain engaging messages and link to useful content that help your followers gain knowledge about your expertise.Tweets that revolve around your products and services won't get much attention. But tweets that offer advice on how to solve a prospect's problem or improve their situation will help to extend your reach and establish thought leadership in your industry.

5 Use hashtags

It can be easy to get lost in the masses of content on Twitter. While it may be tempting to watch cute cat videos and get caught up in the latest memes, it's important to stay focused on relevant topics to your business. One of the ways to filter the noise and find relevant conversations is to use hashtags.Hashtags are words or phrases prefixed by the pound (#) symbol, which allow users to follow specific conversations based on keywords. One of the most effective ways to find leads using hashtags is to participate in Twitter chats. These are moderated, subject-focused conversations used for educating and informing your audience. There are many Twitter chats that revolve around business-specific hashtags. Use the hashtag discovery tool to find a hashtag that is relevant to your business and start using Twitter chats to engage with prospects

6. Use the Lead Generation Card

Recently, Twitter announced an addition to its suite of Twitter Cards called Lead Generation Cards. It is a new type of Twitter Card that allows marketers to collect leads directly within a tweet and is similar to having a landing page within a tweet. The landing page is designed to drive more social media users to particular brands that match their specific needs and interests.

Currently, the Lead Generation Card is only available as a feature of Promoted Tweets - a paid feature of Twitter Ads. Users don't have to fill out a form. Their information, i.e., name, email, and username are pulled directly into the card. To learn how the Lead Generation Card works, go here.

Your Turn:

Are you using Twitter to generate leads for your business?

6 Tips for Generating Leads on Twitter Effectively