7 Steps to Powerful and Compliant Online Marketing Strategies for FDA-Regulated Medical Device Products

The ever-growing prominence of internet-based marketing and social media promotion have allowed drug and medical device manufacturers to engage with their audience of potential consumers and healthcare professionals in a potent way.

As any marketing professional or medical device founder would know, the statement above is both obvious and riddled with worry. As the laws of engagement continue to evolve for FDA-regulated companies, understanding how to navigate your brand online and through social communities within these highly regulated spaces is essential.We hear this conundrum a lot from clients and prospects, so we created a blueprint for you, outlining the steps to take to ensure your digital marketing campaign is both influential and compliant.

First, despite concerns, there is great value in building your online brand and community to speak to consumers and healthcare professionals where they are – online.  The potential for creativity, sales growth, and building brand loyalty is higher than ever with digital and social media marketing, even in a highly regulated space.

Here at ParkerWhite, not only do we have real world experience, having worked with many health tech and medical device companies, but we are constantly keeping up with regulatory changes and our understanding of the rules regarding marketing FDA-regulated products.Before crafting the list below, we conversed with Ryan Weitzel, a friend, and head of Regulatory Affairs at Novus Management Group. Novus is a medical device consulting firm specializing in quality, regulatory, operations, product development, and project management.As confirmed by Weitzel and illustrated in our steps below, behind every FDA-regulated product marketing message, should be the understanding that, “marketing and advertising, in essence, is labeling...the FDA considers it the same thing.”

The FDA has a firm stance on this - which is why, along with creativity, strategy, and ROI, we take consummate measures to ensure our clients’ campaigns are in line with FDA guidelines.Whether you choose to work with an experienced agency or want to tackle it on your own, here are the steps you must take to ensure perfect harmony between promotion and compliance.

7 Steps to Powerful and Compliant Internet Marketing for FDA-Regulated Medical Device Products

  1. Ensure your internal regulatory team and process is ready with the appropriate amount of time and budget set aside to review and approve all online marketing messaging.
  2. Ensure everyone on the internal marketing team is aware of FDA guidance documents (which are continuously updated) and how they influence marketing and advertising for your specific product.
  3. Ensure that your ideas for promotion are in line with the FDA-required labeling for your product.
  4. Consider which online platforms would be the best for your messaging, especially taking into consideration character space limitations that may or may not allow for fair and balanced representation of your product.
  5. Consider creative ways to highlight the most important product benefits while also displaying any mandated risks or guidelines.
  6. Ensure that your website is ADA compliant and capable of providing direct access to a more complete discussion of the benefits, guidelines, and risks associated with its product. ParkerWhite provides full website design and development services to ensure complete compliance, as well as being able to present your brand with a compelling and engaging experience.
  7. Be sure to have a process in place for utilizing and potentially correcting third party representations of your product, both sponsored and independent.

At ParkerWhite, we have over 20 years of experience in working with medical device companies both in traditional and online marketing programs. Our in-house team is seasoned in video content production, digital, and social media marketing strategies. An investment in professional strategy and execution could save you worry, time, and major fines. Take the time to invest in a solid plan for launching or promoting your device  so you’ll truly see the impact your product can make in the world!

7 Steps to Powerful and Compliant Online Marketing Strategies for FDA-Regulated Medical Device Products