Agency-Client Relationships: What Works

What makes for good agency-client relationships? ParkerWhite’s Digital Director, Richard Morrow, Senior Designer, Jethro Ames, and Account Manager, Tyson Misleh weigh in to provide insights about what makes things run smoothly from each of their respective perspective

I0C5479-1500x1074RICHARD MORROW

Q. What’s the key to a good client-agency relationship from the Digital Director perspective?

A. “Everyone’s going to say communication. It takes understanding of objectives and an understanding of the current business situation. A small startup is different than a large established business. Then you need to try to find out where they are trying to go. Are the goals they’re trying to obtain feasible? There are lots of factors.”

Q. What makes for a good match between agencies and clients?

A. “Agencies have to be the right fit for the client. It’s about ideals too, because we’re small, we like to think it’s better service. You’re pretty much working with everyone who’s working here, so you get all of our expertise, versus a big agency where the people that pitch to you are not necessarily going to work on your account.”

I0C5512-1500x1252JETHRO AMES

Q. As a designer, what do you think is most important in an agency-client relationship?

A. “Trust. I think that’s pretty important, especially on the client end. Clients need to have that to understand we’re leading them in the right direction. Some clients let you, and have more success; some clients need more of a hands-on approach.”

Q. What’s it like to work with a smaller agency?

A. “I think you get more personal attention. The clients’ feel like this is a little bit more intimate, with large agencies, depending on where you are on the totem pole, you could be working with the top talent, and you might not. With a small agency you know first hand that you are working with their best people.”

I0C5506-1500x1000TYSON MISLEH

Q. What makes a good client-agency relationship from the account management perspective?

A. “A clear understanding of expectations/needs on both sides of the fence and having a level of mutual respect are keys from my perspective. With these two things in place, it allows us to exceed project expectations. Exceeding those expectations leads to a strong relationship and better work.”

Q. Why should businesses choose a small agency?

A. “In my experience, working with a small agency is an advantage because it allows a level of flexibility and accountability that you don’t typically find with a larger shop. We’re all intimately involved with every project in the building – and that’s a huge advantage.”

The 3 Most Important Elements of a Good Agency-Client Relationship from the ParkerWhite team:

1. Open lines of communication
2. Client trust
3. Clear understanding of expectations from both parties

When deciding on an agency, you have to think about what is going to be a good fit for both parties. If you’re looking for a more intimate relationship, where you can speak directly to the agency and the specific people working on your account, a smaller agency may be a better fit. It’s a good idea to evaluate what you’re looking for in an agency first, so you know what to look for.

Interested in learning more about working with a smaller digital agency that can cater to your specific needs? Leave your name and email and we’ll talk about your specific needs and what we can do for you.