5 CEOs of Healthcare IT Companies To Follow On Twitter

Changes to the healthcare economy have forced all healthcare stakeholders to make changes. Healthcare IT companies have responded with digital solutions to address the challenges patients, providers, physicians, and payers face when trying to improve the healthcare experience. Their company leaders are often first-hand witnesses to the problems plaguing the healthcare system and are passionate about making a change for the better.

Healthcare continues to evolve, adoption of digital channels, an increased demand for transparency, and a desire for more human connections. Twitter provides an opportunity for leaders to share wisdom, post their latest research and information, and join forces with others for strategic collaborations. These five healthcare IT CEOs are on Twitter engaging with various stakeholders, sharing insights, and proving CEOs are human too.

1. Bird Blitch, Patientco

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Twitter Bio: Focused on Patient Financial Engagement. CEO of @Patientco with an incredible team on an important mission. #hcit

Company: Patientco

Headquarters: Atlanta, GA

About: Patientco is a cloud-based platform designed to help patients understand, manage and pay their healthcare bills.Bird is passionate about his team…so passionate he's even proudly showcasing the team on his Twitter cover photo. He also shares pictures from fun company outings, like a recent trip to a Red Sox game. But it's not just about fun and company culture for Bird. He writes for PatientCo's blog about serious topics. His latest article,"Improving Financial Outcomes with Patient Engagement," is a thorough analysis with thoughtful insight.

100% agreed with @TimOSako34! "Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast" http://t.co/en9x2SzNMD via @techcrunch— Bird Blitch (@BirdBlitch) May 21, 2014

2. Eric Heil, RightCare Solutions

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Twitter Bio: Blessed! A husband, father, Penn engineer, NCAA basketball player, Wharton Exec MBA, Iowan, former VC, now HCIT CEO at RightCare. @TeamRightCare.

Company: RightCare Solutions

Founders: Eric Heil

Headquarters: Ft. Washington, PA

About: RightCare Solutions employs an evidence-based technology to help healthcare providers optimize their discharge planning process.Eric is a collaborative tweeter; regularly sharing others' content and making time to thank people for press mentions and positive feedback. He engages in tweet chats and asks thoughtful questions. An enthusiastic entrepreneur, Eric shares quotes and motivational messages.

Find ur diamond in #entrepreneurship with #Clarity in your vision, color = conviction, cut = your team, carat = how big you want to make it— Eric Heil (@Heil42) March 31, 2014

3. Brett Byman, Nobl

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Twitter Bio: Entrepreneur in the Healthcare IT space. Also a UI/UX designer in the life where I have time. CEO / Co-Founder @noblhealth Advisor / Co-Founder @UNLCEO

Company: Nobl

Founders: Brett Byman, Raymond Page, Katie Hottovy

Headquarters: Lincoln, Nebraska

About: Nobl assists healthcare facilities in improving patient satisfaction by making the process of hourly rounding more efficient, meaningful, and effective.Brett is also a team player on Twitter, retweeting others and sharing from events he attends, like the Patient Experience Summit.  He shares through the lens of healthcare, but also as an entrepreneur. He's truly social, going beyond just digital communications to make plans through Twitter to meet people for lunch.

"There is no such thing as low interest categories, only low interest brands." #Method #BigOmaha — Brett Byman (@BrettByman) May 8, 2014

4. Jonathan Bush, athenahealth

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Twitter Bio: Athena Health Co-founder & CEO @athenahealth / #dataholic / Father of 5 / LinkedIn Influencer / Seeks humanity in healthcare

Company: athenahealth

Founders: Todd Park

Headquarters: Watertown, MA

About: athenahealth provides cloud-based services for physician practices, such as electronic health records and practice management. Jonathan sometimes only tweets once or twice in a month, but his tweets are meaningful and usually infused with personality. He just recently launched his book,"Where Does it Hurt? An Entrepreneur's Guide to Fixing Health Care." He's passionate about healthcare reform and isn't afraid to call out where he thinks there's opportunity for improvement or an impetus to change.

Rather than push vendors to improve provider EMR experience we have scribes in exam room? Really? http://t.co/ELER01nz81 via @nytimeshealth— Jonathan Bush (@Jonathan_Bush) January 14, 2014

5. Bill Marvin, InstaMed

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Twitter Bio: Bill has been in the revenue cycle industry since 1993 and is the President and CEO of InstaMed, the leading Healthcare Payments Network.

Company: InstaMed

Founders: Chris Seib, Bill Marvin

Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA

About: InstaMed operates a single proprietary network to handle both healthcare and payment transactions.Bill is active on Twitter, sharing relevant industry news and sharing content from his company, InstaMed. He was just recently honored with the 2014 Enterprise Award Technology CEO of the Year. He tweets often about healthcare payments, healthcare consumerism, and healthcare trends.

RT @instainnovation 72% of Patients Do Not Know Their Payment Responsibility During A Provider Visit http://t.co/cSbmRD4zke @hitconsultant— Bill Marvin (@williamfmarvin) May 20, 2014
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