How Healthcare Marketers Can Turn Web Traffic into Leads

The Opportunity for Healthcare Marketers

Every day, people all around the world are searching for answers online. They’re engaging with your marketing campaigns. They’re clicking on social media posts. They want to learn more. Through a variety of ways, people are entering your website. This is great, but it doesn’t do anything for your bottom line unless it leads to conversion.

How do you make sure the people who come to your website don’t just browse and leave? How do you turn website traffic into leads?


How Healthcare Marketers Can Use Landing Pages

If you’re marketing a medical device or other health and wellness product in today’s digital world, a landing page is your best friend. Any healthcare marketing campaign driving traffic back to your website should direct users to a targeted landing page with a specific purpose. This is low-hanging fruit. You’ve already done the job of attracting interest, now you just need to close. By creating effective landing pages, you can get better results from new and existing marketing campaigns.

Landing pages are typically not part of your main website, and can be topic-specific and can even be persona-specific. The purpose of a landing page is to facilitate a conversion. Conversion usually means getting someone to fill out a form or take action in some other way.

Why Landing Pages are Important for Healthcare Marketers

Why should you make sure website traffic goes to specific landing pages? Think of it this way: you’re walking by a store when you see a sign in the window advertising 50% off mops. You walk in and don’t see the mop. What are you going to do? You may go looking for it, or you may think it’s not worth the effort and keep going. This is what happens when people search for something specific and are directed to general pages on your website. They may take the time to hunt down what they’re looking for or they may just leave. If you want to get people to take action on your website, you need to make sure people looking for something specific can easily find information and are given the next step.

Healthcare Marketers Need Digital to Reach Patients

Digital is an integral part of healthcare marketing strategies. Today, people are using the web to search for information and expect a personalized experience. 1 in 3 American adults have gone online to figure out a medical condition, and 72% of Internet users say they looked online for health information in 2012 (Source: Pew Internet).

Think about how people search. They don’t search general terms like “diabetes pump” or “pain pump” or “knee brace.” They search for specific terms, such as “can I go in the water with a diabetes pump?” or “how can a knee brace help me get back to sports again?” As marketers, it’s our job to anticipate these searches and meet users with the right content at the right time. When users don’t find what they’re looking for, they usually don’t go way out of their way to work with you. Empowered patients will go elsewhere to find what they’re looking for.

Landing Pages Maximize The Value Of Your Website

You will get the most out of your website when you use it to provide a personalized experience that addresses users’ needs and moves them to action. With landing pages, you can provide the right content to the right people, and lead them down a path that ends with a conversion.

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How Healthcare Marketers Can Turn Web Traffic into Leads