Local SEO vs. National SEO

The first step towards improving your search engine positioning is to be aware of which keywords you are currently ranking for on the search engines. The second step is to find potential keywords that willgenerate more traffic to your website. These first two steps are considered the discovery process. Keep in mind that one of the most important aspects of SEO is to discover search terms that will convert to customers for your business. How is this accomplished? We will explain through a few simple scenarios demonstrating local vs. national SEO strategy.

Example Scenario – San Diego Advertising Agency – Company A

Lets say that Company A is most interested in obtaining clients in San Diego.In this scenario, Company A is not looking to grow business in Los Angeles, Orange County or any other area of California. In this scenario Company A has an office in Cardiff, but can take on clients in any area of San Diego County.The search terms that will produce paying customers for Company A might look something like the search terms below.

Example Scenario – National Advertising Agency – Company B

Let's say that Company B has offices all around the Country and can target customers in all major cities. In this scenario the search terms are much more broad.The search terms that will produce paying customers across the Country for Company B might look something like the search terms below.

  • Interactive Marketing Strategy
  • Brand Agencies
  • Branding Companies
  • Brand Strategy Companies
  • Interactive Agencies

One of the most common mistakes in the world of SEO is for a company to have an SEO implementation that is either too broad or too specific. If you are looking to capture business across the country then you definitely don’t want your website to be geared towards a certain city or geographical area. Many other concerns may need to be addressed for maximum search engine rankings, but these scenarios describe some of the most common mistakes.To the same point, if you only take on customers in a certain area (example: San Diego) then you don’t want your SEO implementation to be targeted towards broad search terms (Real Estate Agent, Real Estate for Sale, etc.).

Other Common Mistakes:

  • Excessive keywords per page
  • Ineffective external linking strategy
  • Excessive keywords in website text
  • Inaccurate keywords
  • Ineffective internal linking strategy
  • Improperly formatted URLs

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Local SEO vs. National SEO