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Millennials are the Generation of Fitness and Well-Being

This article is part of ParkerWhite’s weekly series, “Health and Wellness This Week,” a roundup of the latest healthcare marketing news and what it means for your marketing strategy.It is evident that, nowadays, individuals are more health and fitness conscious than ever before. Millennials are transforming the healthcare and fitness industries by taking charge of preventative health measures. This is causing a drastic shift in the health, food, and tech industries, such as mobile healthcare, which presents new opportunities for many companies to jump on board by introducing new products, to get a piece of the forecasted $5 billion dollar pie.

This week in health, wellness and millennial marketing:

  • A fitness plan that fits the millennial profile
  • Google’s research on modern weight loss and the role of digital marketers
  • Is healthcare going mobile?

Why You Won’t Find Millennials Doing Aerobics: The New Wave of Health and Fitness

This article, from How Life Works, describes the impact that millennials have had on the health and fitness industry in the past several years, their current fitness trends, and their future expectations. Some of the key characteristics of these millennials are that they are a well-informed, fast-paced, and busy generation. Unlike any other generation before them, millennials have created a more personalized approach to fitness that meets their set of values. For them, being healthy is being happy and not necessarily losing weight. Therefore, they focus on activities that are more enjoyable and customizable to their interests.

Marketing Strategy Insights:

  • In order to understand this fast-paced and busy generation, companies will need to utilize market research tools to better understand the specific needs and values that can be targeted
  • Companies can take advantage of all the social media channels constantly used by this “internet-of-things” generation to engage with them directly and increase the brand awareness
  • Since millennials are using social media more than any other generation, social listening tools will be more prominently used by companies to directly target and communicate with them

How Marketers Can Weigh In on Weight Loss

This article from Think with Google breaks down some of the findings of Google’s recent consumer research on weight loss and the role of digital marketing. They found out that “the weight-loss journey has changed, fitness is prioritized above nutrition, and affordability is core to choosing a weight-loss solution.” Consumers are more actively searching for weight loss solutions through online channels to gain insight before investing their time and money. They are searching for fitness solutions instead of weight-loss, and are sensitive to costly solutions. Therefore, by understanding what motivates these individuals, digital marketers can become successful partners in their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Marketing Strategy Insights:

  • In order to increase their exposure, companies will be aligning their messaging content with fitness and healthy living topics in order to engage with these individuals
  • For companies to stay relevant, they will need to keep up with the “healthy lifestyle” trends and stay active on relevant social media channels to understand what their customers really want and address those needs
  • Since these customers are on the go, companies will need to develop a mobile-friendly website and applications in order to reach this audience more effectively.

Why Wearables are Loudly Knocking on the Doctor’s Door

This article from Health Data Management describes the new era of the “connected patient” and the role that wearables and mobile health applications have in extending medical care further into people’s lives than ever before. With the surge of all these wearables, patients are now expecting their doctor to offer a mobile app to manage their well being for preventative care, save their health records, and be able to schedule appointments on the go. Meanwhile, providers are benefiting by having access to their patients’ data and being able to communicate with them directly through these new technologies.

Marketing Strategy Insights:

  • Healthcare companies have the opportunity to connect with consumers by investing in mobile technologies and communication platforms
  • Cloud-based infrastructures of data collection and analysis will continue to be a growing market
  • Consumers are becoming more technology driven. Continued engagement with these technologies is the key to developing a powerful brand image and loyal following.
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Millennials are the Generation of Fitness and Well-Being - PW