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3 Outbound Social Media Marketing Tactics You Should Be Avoiding

Social Media can be an incredibly powerful tool for brands who use it the right way. Unfortunately, some brands came to the new channel armed with old school outbound marketing tactics. Social Media isn't about going to the mountaintop and shouting your name, it's about creating value and creating meaningful connections. Unfortunately, some brands are hurling junk mail, nagging people on the phone like telemarketers, and shouting at people, instead of creating a genuine two-way relationship with consumers.

Avoid turning people off with these 3 pitfalls of social media marketing:

1. The Auto-Reply DM

“Hi! Thanks for following me, I’m looking forward to connecting with you. Let’s connect on Facebook too!"

We all know when it’s an auto-reply DM on Twitter and chances are, we don’t feel special. It’s either not getting read or it is going in one ear and out the other. If people are interested in your content, they will find you. To keep your credibility in Social Media, you have to only broadcast when you think people need to hear something or it will be of value or entertainment. It’s not a good idea to start off a relationship by pushing the Twitter equivalent of junk mail onto people.

2. The Pinterest Board of Ads (for yourself)

We actually love Pinterest boards of ads, but that’s only when it’s great work and we’re interested in seeing what work other advertising agencies are doing. The boards that smell of outbound marketing are the ones that are a company’s ads for THEMSELVES.Why don’t you just stare at yourself in the mirror all day? Vanityis not attractive in a person or a Social Media channel. Remember that Social Media is a group kind of thing not a one-man show.

3. The Off-Topic Blog Comment Asking For People to Visit Your Site

"This is such an awesome blog post about choosing the best bicycle for you. I think you will also like my blog post about Carrots!"

This kind of behavior is damaging to your credibility, showing that you either (a) didn’t read the blog post or (b) don’t understand anything you’re reading, or (b) just don’t care about anyone but yourself. None of those are very lovely scenarios to get into. How many people reading a blog post about bicycles do you honestly think are going to be interested in a post about carrots? It sounds a little ridiculous with the given example, but this is the equivalent of what some people do.

What are your Social Media turn offs?

3 Outbound Social Media Marketing Tactics You Should Be Avoiding