The Art of Blogging

When you have your content marketing strategy in place, it’s time to start creating the actual content. In a B2B environment, the company blog will probably be the hub of your online presence, where you drive traffic and capture leads. Your blog is the perfect place to create your desired tone of voice, prove thought leadership and the value that your service or product will bring. It can be a daunting task to start a corporate blog, thinking about how much time it will take and how to make the internal approval process run smoothly.

Here's how to begin the art of blogging:

Keep It Simple

Try not to over complicate things, there are probably already a lot of content within the company that can be re-purposed and written in a more compelling and blog-friendly manner. Dig up case studies, client success stories, press releases, reports etc. to get ideas on topics. Remember that people like to read posts written by people, not by brands or about products so try to find a personal and authentic approach to your blogging.

Keep The Consistency

Given you have created an editorial agenda; no one should ever sit down in front of the computer and think, “What do I want to write about today”. Even the most experienced bloggers will suffer from writer’s block and feel uninspired from time to time.  By developing a series of posts like “How To…” or “5 Ways to…” you will not risk being without posts one week. You can also create a weekly post with curated content, link to important news and trends and give your opinion on how it will affect your industry. Delegate blog writing to resources within the company, maybe you will find talent you didn't even know existed?

Keep Engaging

Why not ask your readers what topics they are interested in through a poll or a contest? By showing that you are listening to their opinions you have probably already gained some loyal followers.

Don’t be discouraged if your readers won’t leave comments or are likely to interact directly with you, it’s equally important to encourage sharing.  It will increase your reach, giving more prospects the opportunity to discover your content. If you are not willing to allow comments due to rules or regulations, enable and encourage your readers to contact you offline to comment or ask questions.