Wearable Technology Breaking Down Healthcare Barriers

This article is part of ParkerWhite’s weekly series, “Health and Wellness This Week,” a roundup of the latest healthcare marketing news and what it means for your marketing strategy.This week, we look at how the healthcare industry is transforming into a more patient-driven industry and how healthcare entities around the world are adapting to meet the patients’ expectations by integrating several different forms of wearable technologies into their operations.This week in health and wellness:

  • The Apple Watch is getting patients more involved in their health
  • Wired hospitals’ mission to better patient engagement
  • Wearable technology is redefining the meaning of having a disability

Apple Watch Increasing Patient Engagement

With its latest release of the Apple Watch and its ResearchKit, Apple is now a major player in the mobile healthy industry. Many industry opinion leaders are raving about the endless possibilities that the Apple Watch can be utilized in building a more connected healthcare system where the patients are empowered and educated about their healthcare. At first, however, there was plenty skepticism as to how can this new technology really improves the previous standards in the industry. But now, after being implemented in several healthcare facilities, the Apple Watch is standing up to all the hype.Marketing Strategy Insights

  • One element that should be addressed is the ease of use. Since they are positioned as a healthcare consumer product, the maturing baby boomer population will be a key market. How will Apple target this baby boomer generation and address the ease-of-use component?
  • In order to maintain the users’ engagement over time, these tech companies must continue to adapt to consumers’ feedback and provide value
  • Increasing engagement is great, but is this leading to a better overall user experience?

Most Wired Hospitals Focus on Security and Patient Engagement

According to the 17th annual HealthCare’s Most Wired™ Survey, “health data security and patient engagement are top priorities for the nation’s hospitals.” These healthcare facilities are taking several different approaches to address these two priorities and keep up with the digitization of healthcare. They are depending on many forms of IT to transform their old, volume-based operations to a more integrated, personalized, and value-based care. By doing so, these hospitals are encouraging their patients to be more involved in their health by using their personalized patient portals.Marketing Strategy Insights

  • Security must continue to be a key focus in these wired hospitals to ensure the privacy of sensitive information and HIPAA compliance
  • As personalized healthcare continues to evolve, these hospitals must ensure that they are keeping up with the changes and are constantly improving their capabilities
  • Will the dependence on wearable technologies eliminate existing medical tools that are used in hospitals? How will this change the hospital’s infrastructure?

Wearable Technology is Redefining What it Means to be Disabled

This Forbes article discusses how the latest technology developments are breaking the boundaries of disability. The meaning of having a disability is evolving over the years as many disabled individuals are now utilizing new wearable technologies to assist them in daily activities. “As interfaces get more creative and sensors get more powerful, people with all types of bodies will be drawn to technology that enhances senses, monitors health, and eases interactions with the environment.” Therefore, these technologies are providing individuals with disabilities a new found freedom in operating and communicating with their surrounding environment.Marketing Strategy Insights

  • Since these wearable technologies are heavily depended on by their users, the accuracy and dependability of the devices is essential to prove and communicate with its target market
  • Eventually, as these technologies continue to advance, it will dramatically alter the existing competitive landscape of wearable tech
  • Strategic partnerships with worldwide organizations will be able to provide these wearable technologies to new markets that are in dire need
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