Why Good Design Matters

Grow your business with good design and great marketing

Great design is the keystone of effective marketing, advertising, and other visual communications.  Clean, contemporary, compelling design instantly communicates the value of your business or product to a prospective customer. It fosters confidence in quality and professionalism. It helps draw customers to you, supports a positive customer experience, and builds loyalty to your brand.Beyond clever logos, appealing typography, and layouts, design is the engine that drives the power of your brand. Design also helps to communicate your organization’s authenticity, brand promise, mission, and vision. For these reasons, the value of professional design in marketing communications should never be underestimated.

In a complex world where competition for time and attention is at an all-time high, good design will help you stand out, capture market share, and grow your business. Good design can also help a fledgling enterprise attract new partners, investors, and donors. Good design invites your audience to interact with your business in memorable, dynamic, and user-friendly ways.

Great design helps define your brand and how the world sees you

Design can be a very powerful business tool that serves to engage, educate, and inspire people to take action.  Because of the vital role design plays in the success of your business, the design process should always be approached with great care and consideration, perhaps the same level of care with which you developed your product or service.

Design is what determines how your customers, marketplace, and the rest of the world view your organization. So take note: Even people with little or no artistic talent can easily recognize the difference between lackluster and brilliant design. As the saying goes, you only get one chance to make a good first impression. A well-designed brand identity can communicate a lot with just a few simple elements.

Design is what presents your products in their best light

For businesses, design can create value in terms of elevating your professional image, gaining competitive advantages, helping to garner customer loyalty and trust, and growing your market share.

Whether in an advertisement, brochure, website, social media post, restaurant menu, automated email or an integrated digital marketing campaign, it’s important that the design presents your organization, products or services in the best possible light.

Design helps convert leads into sales to grow your business

The value and ROI of outstanding design can be measured using a variety of metrics.

These may include:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Increased website traffic
  • Elevated professional image
  • Higher volumes of leads and sales

Design can be the determining factor in why a prospect becomes a customer. Conversions and sales can often hinge on strategic design decisions.  In some cases, simple design changes such as changing the color and location of a button on a web or email page can yield significant increases in conversions and other positive customer outcomes.

Good design in digital marketing enhances the user experience (UX)

For websites, apps, and other interactive marketing projects, the goal of User Experience Design (UX) is to create the most enjoyable and memorable experience with your product or service. Toward the end, UX design goes beyond screen and visual design to optimize usability and accessibility.  It’s in your best interest to provide the best possible digital user experience design, increasing the likelihood that your first time customers will become repeat customers.

At ParkerWhite, our User Experience designers focus on:

  • Understanding the Customer Journey
  • Building a solid Information Architecture
  • Developing Personas to walkthrough the Customer Journey
  • Simulated and Real-World User Testing

Designing Information Graphics (Infographics)

Information graphics – or infographics – are clear, concise visualizations of substantial volumes of data or knowledge. A well-designed and illustrated chart, graph or map can instantly engage an audience in thought-provoking ways, helping them to grasp very quickly multiple data points that might be confusing when presented in written content forms. Many organizations need to distill and articulate complex marketing information to simplify the presentations of their products or services. Professional infographic designs can often provide effective solutions.

Resist the Do-it-Yourself design mentality

Some start-ups and under-financed new business entities may try to take on marketing design tasks on their own or by using whatever limited design support that may be available through their social circles, rather than hiring a professional, creative design agency.

This approach might save costs in the short term, but the benefits of engaging a design agency to craft a cohesive design for your marketing are far reaching.  Working with a creative design agency at the outset of your business or product launch may prevent having to start the design process all over again in the early stages of business operations. Looking to collaborate on design with a professional, creative design agency to launch a business or product, or rebrand an existing company? We’d love to have a conversation.

Why Good Design Matters