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Social media marketing that connects humans.

Gone are the days when a millennial intern could manage your social media channels. Today, social media is a science and an art. It is a strategic formula of inspiring user-generated content, social listening, professionally created visuals, data inspired content, and consistent testing. Your social media style should seamlessly flow into your website, email, and other platforms while being agile enough to pivot on a dime. At ParkerWhite, social media isn't just an add on, it is an equal part of your company's ecosystem and overall brand strategy. We help brands with different aspects of their social media marketing strategy by developing results-driven services from strategy, content production, community management, paid social advertising, and influencer outreach.

Our Social Media Programs Include:


Social Strategy

With a clear understanding of your business, prospects, voice, messaging, branding, and goals to create a unique social strategy and plan for your brand.


Social Campaign Development

Whether it be a product launch, event, sale, or anything in between, we can help build a targeted, results-oriented campaign to maximize exposure and conversions.


Social Content

Your content is the lifeblood of any successful social media plan. We create original content and curate relevant content that will resonate with your target. And we produce amazing content, really fast!


Social Management

We understand how to properly and effectively build a social following while keeping followers engaged. We help our clients manage their social media audience by monitoring and reacting to the various conversations happening around the brand and on their accounts.


Social Paid Advertising

Regardless of your budget, an effective paid social media strategy drives legitimate business results in growing your audience and amplifying your content.


Social Influencer Marketing

It's not enough to tell your own story. We can help identify and engage with relevant, largely followed, active influencers to help share your story with their audiences.


Social Video

No piece of content is more powerful or effective than video. We write, design and produce branded video content that attracts the attention of your audience whether video ads, 6 second videos and longer to drive to desired and measurable actions.


Social Metrics

At the end of each month, we review our efforts including engagement and follower growth. Based on this data, we are able to analyze each step and continuously optimize to the best performing tactics.

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