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Cradle Genomics

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Website redesign for series B funding

The Situation

Cradle Genomics came to ParkerWhite as a revolutionary prenatal testing company ready to aggressively source investors for Series B funding and needed a new website that accurately reflected their brand.After discovering the team’s passion and dedication to this new technology, the PW team set out to design and develop a modern website that told the Cradle Genomics story, showcased their new way of testing, and represented the inspiring team culture to attract top talent and investors.

What we did:

Website Design

cradle genomics case study responsive website

Before & After

The website lacked brand characteristics or emotion, so we leaned on the organic shapes from the logo to help elevate the overall look which resulted in a bold and professional website, differentiated from competitors in the prenatal testing space.

cradle genomics case study website
cradle genomics case study mobile

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