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The Situation

ParkerWhite teamed with Fujifilm Sonosite to help launch two of its latest premium point-of-care ultrasound systems and to define their corporate messaging platform. From purpose and personas to social strategy and product launch, ParkerWhite has helped unify the brand vision and reinforce their industry leading market position.

What we did:

Brand Messaging
Campaign Creative
Personas/Customer Journey
Product Launch Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Management
Video Production
CGI Animations
Lead Generation Strategy
Email Nurturing
Paid Media Management
Executive Dashboards

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Brand Workshop and Messaging

Beginning in the Discovery phase, ParkerWhite aimed to gain a deeper understanding of the team, culture, and brand direction. We started with a combination of an anonymous internal employee survey and key stakeholder interviews.

From there, we consolidated the results and highlighted underlining themes. In a full day workshop, we presented the results and conducted various group exercises with a select group of culture-driving leaders.

Armed with this knowledge, we were able to come back to the leadership team with a cohesive brand messaging platform.

parkerwhite case study sonosite brand

Building and Implementing Core Values

Core values are great on paper but living them takes commitment. ParkerWhite worked with the Sonosite team on a rollout and implementation strategy to deliver a core value swag package while team members where home-based and established an acknowledgement internal campaign – all designed to reiterate the company’s values and share how employees are exemplifying them.

parkerwhite case study sonosite core values
parkerwhite case study sonosite bottles

Brand Manifesto Video

Manifestos are great storytelling tools that inspire an organization and provide an emotional insight into an organization’s reason for being. Our Behind the Scan manifesto summed up the passion of what 20 years of pioneering point-of-care ultrasound has meant to the team and physicians who have come to rely on the technology across the globe.

parkerwhite case study sonosite brand video
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Computer Generated Illustration and Animations

Working with an amazing animation team, we were able to communicate not only the beauty of the new Sonosite LX product, but quickly demonstrate the unique product design and functionality. The illustrations gave us a host of short segments that were utilized across all our marketing and communication channels.

Product Launch Campaigns

To build anticipation for the launch of Sonosite’s latest point-of-care ultrasound systems, ParkerWhite developed pre-launch and creative campaign for the Sonosite PX and Sonosite LX products. The campaign included emails, landing pages, social media, paid media ads, and video production. Creative and copy were segmented by target audience to ensure the most relevant messages were served to each to increase engagement and capture quality leads.

parkerwhite case study sonosite landing page

Launch Teaser and Landing Page

The teaser campaign was run for 3 weeks prior to launch date to build interest and generate top of funnel leads. The success of the teaser had customers signing up for early previews via a virtual demonstration of the product, all during the COVID-19 pandemic.

parkerwhite case study sonosite email and landing page
parkerwhite case study sonosite landing page mockup

Social Media Strategy and Implementation

To elevate Sonosite’s social presence, ParkerWhite developed a robust Social Media Strategy that spanned LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Building on the brand communication strategy we outlined social-specific communication pillars and the content that would fall under each, created a consistent creative look and feel, identified relevant hashtags, and established a social tone and voice. Using the Social Strategy as a guiding post, we continue to create monthly social media content for all four platforms.

parkerwhite case study sonosite social media

Lead Generation Strategy

To successfully build a successful product launch, ParkerWhite developed a strategic approach that helped define the marketing tactics, channels to utilize, and available opportunities to spread awareness and generate leads.

parkerwhite case study sonosite lead generation strategy

Paid Media Ads & Management

We narrowed in on our target audiences and crafted messaging and creative that spoke to their pain points. This led to increased engagement and higher qualified leads.

parkerwhite case study sonosite paid ads

Executive Dashboards

To compile and report on all of the launch and ongoing campaign metrics, we developed executive dashboards to share across leadership and key stakeholders. We integrated all data across our paid media channels, analytics, CRM, and email platforms.

parkerwhite case study sonosite dashboards

The Results

The Sonosite PX launch was the most successful in Sonosite history and we continue to build on the company’s strengths with ongoing marketing and lead generation programs.

We continue to drive qualified leads and opportunities that generate and estimated 10x return on paid media.


Leads generated per month


Qualified Leads Conversion Rate


Estimated ROI

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