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Leukemia & Lymphoma Society

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Educating Patients & Caregivers to inspire them to contact LLS’s Clinical Trial Support Center 

The Situation

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society engaged with ParkerWhite to increase the brand awareness of their Clinical Trial Support Center, and to engage with patients and their caregivers to connect with LLS’s oncology nurses to find the right clinical trials for their blood cancers.  

What we did:

Creative Advertising Campaigns
Lead Generation Strategy
Landing Page Design & Development
Paid Media Management

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Through our discovery and interviews, we identified the key pain points and crafted messages that would resonate with patients and caregivers.

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Video Storytelling

Being able to capture an authentic first meeting with Kate and Susana was priceless. This patient-and-nurse relationship is just one of many reasons why we are so passionate about connecting people with the amazing support LLS offers patients and their families in finding the right clinical trial options unique to their cancer. And it's completely free.

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Landing Page

We developed the landing page with a focus on providing multiple Calls to Action and information to encourage a potential patient or caregiver to contact LLS.

With a series of storytelling videos and audio recordings, we were able to authenticate the value that LLS brings to cancer patients. The heart-warming video with a patient and her LLS Oncology nurse was the first time they had met, their dialogue was priceless and compelling. 

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pw case study lls ctsc landing page design

Lead Generation & Digital Ads

Utilizing the key messaging, we developed interactive banner ads and videos to engage with targeted audiences using 3rd party anonymized patient data and lookalike models.

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From strategy to execution.

We partner with our clients to understand their business, people, and goals to provide practical solutions that deliver long-term success.

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