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The Situation

Ushering in a new generation of small footprint of surgical robots, Memic Innovative Surgery and its Hominis robotic system was preparing to launch in the US market. The company first needed to rename and trademark both its company and product and revamp its image to reflect its unique technology and mission to provide greater access to minimally invasive surgical robots. That was our starting point.

What we did:

Stakeholder Interviews
Corporate & Product Naming
Corporate & Product Logo Identity
Brand & Product Messaging Platform
Brand Visual Identity Style Guide

momentis rebrand logo

Naming and Logo Identity

We worked to define a new company brand name that portrayed the visionary direction and collective energy of the company. Momentis was a front runner from the very beginning and continued to win the hearts of the decision makers. Complimenting Momentis, the product system was name Anovo, representing the personality of the robot as a new shining star. The visual identities both reflect the dexterity and flexibility of the technology.

momentis product logos

Brand and Product Messaging

Momentis is reshaping robotic surgical systems by innovating small footprint, cost-effective, robotic-assisted technologies, and techniques for a growing number of clinical applications. Building from the new naming and identities, we worked with the team to articulate the company’s brand messaging platform to align and inform its unique position to both external and internal stakeholders. From vision, mission, purpose and core values, to defining the value proposition and key messaging of where Anovo fits in the surgical space.

momentis brand messaging

Brand Visual Identity Style Guide

Bringing the brand to life, we extended the brand visual identity by incorporating the “O” human element and a fresh color palette across the various marketing touchpoints. This element is strategically placed with the human subject, either patient or surgeon, emphasizing the human touch that Momentis and Anovo promises for better surgical outcomes. The new style guide will allow all marketing partners to articulate the brand consistently across the globe.

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momentis corporate identity
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momentis digital ads
momentis brand guide

With the brand just recently launched, the CEO shared his thoughts on the new name:

“We believe the name Momentis captures not only where we find ourselves as company today, but it reflects our inspiration for future growth as an organization.”

Dvir Cohen
Chief Executive Officer

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