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The Situation

As a well-established San Diego truck tarping company, Pulltarps® Manufacturing was looking for a way to increase their sales through a website redesign and new marketing efforts. We worked closely with Pulltarps to find digital marketing solutions and to improve their online user experience.

What we did:

Brand Identity
Creative Advertising Campaigns
Digital Media Planning & Buying
Lead Generation Programs
Search Engine Optimization
Website Design

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Rebranded Website

Given the increase of online shopping trends and mobile usage, we worked with the team to design and develop a consistent, tool-driven and sales-oriented responsive website, tailored to their unique audience.

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Piloting Digital Marketing for the Truck Tarping Industry

In conjunction with the responsive website redesign, we also developed new email and digital marketing strategies to maintain brand integrity, create better brand awareness, and ultimately drive more sales.

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pulltarps case study email

Optimizing for Conversions

We continually optimized and A/B tested the website which led to the creation of a new configurator that allows users to build custom tarp solutions for their particular truck type and size.

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The Results

To date, Pulltarps e-commerce has grown more than 100% since re-launching the website in 2017. Traffic has grown by more than 75% in the same time period.

The launch of the digital ad campaigns exceeded expectations, with over 500% ROI.

Pulltarps has since been acquired by Roll Rite in 2018 and by Safe Fleet in 2019.


Revenue growth


Web traffic growth


ROI on digital ads

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