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The Situation

SeaSpine is a fast-growing spinal surgical solutions provider with a strong, strategic leadership focused on building a full continuum of care with its products. They came to ParkerWhite to redesign their website to be more intuitive and engaging for users while utilizing modern technologies and web standards to elevate the experience and bring about dynamic and interactive elements to keep surgeons, patients, and prospective employees engaged.

The new website technology stack moved them away from difficult to update and maintain scenarios to a modern Content Management System that’s quick, accessible, and easy to use.  

What we did:

Information Architecture
Content Modeling
Website Design
Sanity CMS Development
Gatsby JS Frontend Development


To understand all the different product lines and intended interactions across each procedure, we meticulously framed and laid out the website pages. Collaborating with the SeaSpine team, we refined the layouts to showcase the products and their relationships to provide both easy-to-navigate and easy-to-digest pages. 

seaspine wireframes

Concepting & Design

Following our wireframing, we provided multiple design concepts and directions that elevated the brand from a startup look and feel into a modern corporate industry leader.

seaspine website designs

Sanity Content Management System

Utilizing the platform, we developed a content model and hierarchy to structure the data and content and develop custom interfaces that improved content editing and website updates. Sanity allowed us to de-couple the backend Content Management from the frontend, giving us full flexibility to design interactive elements that could work with any content that is added.

seaspine sanity cms

Gatsby JS Frontend

With Content Management in place, our solution for a fast, flexible, and intuitive frontend was Gatsby JS. This allowed us to design and incorporate compartmentalized content and custom interactive elements, such as the Spinal image and its products. 

seaspine responsive website layout

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