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Semler Scientific

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A Simple Procedure to Catch PAD Early

The Situation

Semler Scientfic was looking to refresh its brand image with a new visual identity and messaging platform to further secure its market leadership position for physician-led Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) testing and training programs.

PAD is a progressive disease and circulatory problem in which narrowed arteries reduce blood flow to your limbs, and in turn, can cause heart attacks and strokes. Over 1/2 of all people with PAD are undiagnosed. ParkerWhite worked with the Semler team to elevate their brand story and provide prospective physicians with a broad overview of the importance of early detection and the benefits that a simple in-office or in-home test can make on the health of their aging patients and potentially save lives.

What we did:

Stakeholder Interviews
Brand Workshop
Brand Messaging Platform
Product Logo Identity
UX + Visual Design
Website Programming

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Website Design and Sales Collateral

A simple palette update significantly elevated the brand from the 80s to a modern day science based technology company. We recreated both clinical and in-home environments in the studio to update the product and lifestyle photography. These fresh elements provide a framework for designing the new website and supporting sales collateral which leveraged simple messaging and bold shapes to draw the reader through the user experience to ultimately request an appointment.

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