4-Step Logo Design Process

A key part of the brand platform is the company name and logo. Once you have completed the brand naming process, it’s time to visualize your brand in the form of a logoA strong brand has a memorable, recognizable logo. It’s important to do this right the first time, because if you decide to name your brand and give it a logo without following a strategic process, you could run into problems later on. This can happen when a name or logo doesn’t allow for company growth in the form of vertical or horizontal expansions, product line extensions, and new markets.

The cost of rebranding all of your print collateral, digital content, business cards, and even the sign outside your building can be expensive. This is why it is especially important to make sure that you avoid the temptation of settling without going through a proper visual identity design process.

However, if your company has been in business for a while, but has expanded its offering, the cost of a rebrand can be easily offset by the increase in revenues that come with properly communicating a brand’s value proposition.

Here are the 4 steps to expect from a logo design process:

1. Brainstorming

When you are going through the logo design process, you should have the opportunity to work collaboratively with a creative team. With your input, the creative team will develop words and ideas to communicate the unique positioning of the company. Positioning is important, especially if competitors are well entrenched. This part of the logo design process involves honing in on the brand promise. Your creative team should deliver a series of names with simple rational statements.

2. Testing/Linguistics Screening

Test selected name/s with a translation house to prevent mishaps. Screen names for pronunciation, negative associations, and connotations in various languages in the countries that your name may appear. Here are some examples of brand names gone awry:– Clairol’s curling iron, “Mist Stick” – mist in German translates to slang for manure.– Colgate toothpaste, “Cue” – Cue is the name of a French pornographic magazine.Read about other brand names that got lost in translation.

3. Design Development

The logo design process is intended to produce a great logo that communicates the brand in as simple a manner as possible. A series of logos should be considered. Each logo design should maintain the key elements that deliver a clear, well-defined message of the uniqueness and individuality of your company.The effectiveness of a logo depends on:a) Distinctivenessb) Visibilityc) Usabilityd) Memorabilitye) Timelessness

4. Trademark Research

Finally, the logo and name should be delivered to your company’s trademark attorney for proper research in order to secure the registered trademarks.

4-Step Logo Design Process