5 Opportune Times to Update Your Website

5 Opportune Times to Update Your Website

Your website is your most critical digital brand touch point and it needs to be maintained. In today’s world, information, trends, preferences, and technology move faster than ever. Does that mean you need to update your website with every trending color or design trend? No, but it does mean that if you wait a couple years to touch your website, people will notice. (Want to know the 5 signs your website is outdated?)

In today’s digital world, your website should effectively communicate your value proposition in a way that makes sense to consumers and other stakeholders. If you weren’t in the room to talk to your biggest potential buyer, could your website do the job? Your website plays a critical role in the buying process, and it should be able to effectively communicate important information.  (Does your website have everything it needs? Find out)

Here are 5 opportune times to update your website:

  1. You’re expanding your business offering

If you are getting ready for a big product launch, it’s a good idea to anticipate increased traffic to your website and make sure you’re looking your best online. This may be a time when you get a lot more attention than you normally would, and you want to ensure people who don’t often interact with your brand see it at its best. If you are adding a product offering or a new product line, you want to make sure people see your brand as innovative. If your website looks outdated, this may hurt your brand perception.

  1. Changing direction

Anytime you are changing direction, you want to update your brand touch points to ensure a cohesive, consistent experience. A website that is stuck in the past confuses consumers and may even serve to undermine the value of your change in direction. Your website is part of fulfilling your brand promise.

  1. Wanting to collect new leads

Not only is your digital brand critical here, but it’s also important to provide the best possible user experience and optimize user flows to contribute to a successful lead generation campaign. Updating your website to speak to specific personas will make for a more personalized experience. You can also drive traffic to targeted landing pages with specific CTAs designed to generate leads.

  1. Building brand equity

Any time you are looking to strengthen the value of your brand, you should make sure your website reflects your brand at its very best. For example, if you are trying to get acquired by another company, it’s important for people to see value in your company. When your digital identity lacks professionalism, it reflects poorly on your company and hurts your credibility.

  1. Staying up-to-date with the current business standard

There’s no better time to update your website than when you’re behind on current business standards. If your website doesn’t work on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, updating your website is mission critical. Consider using responsive design.

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