5 Tips to Analyze and Improve Your B2B Marketing

Each company has unique goals and challenges when it comes to B2B marketing strategy, and what works for one company may not work for another; but analyzing and testing your marketing is a good idea throughout the year.

Use these 5 tips to jumpstart the B2B marketing process; marketers who capitalize on them will be better positioned to achieve their quarterly objectives.


  1. Customers want a multimedia experience: As with most audiences, professionals are now reading, watching and listening to online content. Videos are a must have in any marketers tool box for effectively communicating emotions rather than just showing words on a screen.Don’t forget to promote your videos on all of your social channels.
  2. Create a story for your brand: With B2B marketing, even though you are selling to businesses, ultimately, you’re still selling to people. Find a way to connect and build that relationship between you and your potential clients. What can you offer them?
  3. Influencer marketing: Bringing in influencers that make sense for your business is great for instilling trust in the minds of your target customers. They can provide trust within your brand and showcase that to your customers. Customers want to know that your services or products are worth their money and that it won’t be going go to waste.Influencers can be redeemed as credible if they recommend your service or product to others, because people have trust and credence in them.
  4. New Marketing Channels to be Utilized: With the universal adoption of the Internet by your customers and prospects, you now have more marketing channels than ever for reaching your target audience: from search engine optimization (SEO) and paid search to online directories and searchable catalogs, social media, e-newsletters, blogs and apps there’s an ever growing amount of platforms to help connect with your customers.It’s important to integrate all of your online marketing channels into a cohesive program that can become more than the sum of its parts, but still provides friendly content. Make sure it is easily readable and all buttons and clicks are prominent to your customers eye
  5. Provide Customer Case Studies and Testimonials: Word of mouth is very influential and case studies allow you to highlight all of the ways you have helped past clients. This shows credibility to customers because they feel that they can trust you based on previous client experiences. Providing an area for case studies and testimonials allows your customers and potential clients to get a deeper insight to how others are viewing your brand and what they think.