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The Best Time to Rebrand?

2020 is just around the corner. Is your company dressed for it, from the inside out? In the age of the empowered consumer, technology and branding must rapidly change to match the savvy consumer’s behavior. Don’t get left behind. Being committed to the evolution of your brand is vital to the innovation and upward growth […]

Medical is now Instagramable – The Power of Direct to Consumer Influencer Marketing

By now, you are probably following a few “influencers” on social media and perhaps you have even purchased a product or changed habits because of them – for better or worse. Buying a cute summer dress to look like an influencer’s beach vacation post, will just add another item to your wardrobe. However, taking the […]

Wellness Within: The Importance of Internal Branding

Internal Branding Is About Your Employees If you want consumers to love your brand, first your own employees must fall in love with it. If your employees aren’t convinced, how can you expect anyone else to be? Your employees are closest to the brand and have the opportunity to shape your brand regularly. The Healthy Brand cultivates a company […]

3 Types of Brand Communication to Master

Your brand is a powerful asset for your company. Branding is about more than just stringing together beautiful words; it’s about the high-level brand strategy needed to make your company recognizable, memorable, and easy to understand. A strong brand identity gives consumers a reason to buy beyond price and features. There are many reasons why you need a brand strategy from […]