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How Marketing Automation Can Optimize Your Business

Lead generation, lead scoring and lead nurturing are all important components of your marketing process. Without marketing automation these tasks can be a very time consuming process and subject to human error if done manually. Many marketing departments are actually generating more leads than their sales department have time to qualify and follow-up on. It […]

4 Steps in Building a World-Class Marketing Campaign

Because of today’s fast-paced markets, many new companies are speeding up their go-to-market efforts just to get their foot in the door before someone beats them to it. That may seem like a good idea at first, but it is definitely not one I would recommend. It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of […]

Wearable Technology: A Game Changer for the Disabled

This article is part of ParkerWhite’s weekly series, “Health and Wellness This Week,” a roundup of the latest healthcare marketing news and what it means for your marketing strategy. We all know by now the many benefits of wearable technologies, mostly for tracking your health stats and measuring your exercise activities. However, wearable technology is […]

3 Landing Page Metrics That Can Be Used To Define Success

It’s important to keep track of landing page metrics and success measurements for successful landing pages to ensure website conversion optimization. As we have discussed in our previous blog post, with closed-loop marketing data you can basically track leads from the moment of conversion until they become customers. With this insight, you can easily see what campaigns […]

Get To Know Our Digital Strategist

Meet Richard Morrow, ParkerWhite’s Digital Strategist. He just celebrated his 1-year anniversary with ParkerWhite! Richard has over 13 years experience as a marketer, creative, and manager for various B2B and B2C corporations. Richard focuses on the comprehensive online strategy, visual user interface design, information architecture and user experience for all projects. In his role as User […]

The Art of Blogging

When you have your content marketing strategy in place, it’s time to start creating the actual content. In a B2B environment, the company blog will probably be the hub of your online presence, where you drive traffic and capture leads. Your blog is the perfect place to create your desired tone of voice, prove thought leadership and […]

How To Create A Successful Content Marketing Strategy

  Creating content in this digital era might seem like an easy thing to do. Most people can create some kind of content and publish it through various channels and platforms in the blink of an eye. Content can come in any shape, form or size: articles, white papers, webinars, blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts, newsletters, […]

5 Ways to Use Social Media in Healthcare

As a healthcare organization there are a few risks you need to consider before entering the world of social media. Do you want to open up the door for negative comments? Can you risk exposing your organization to privacy, security and ethics breaches? What happens if your staff inappropriately shares confidential information about patients and […]

Get to Know Jethro Ames

Jethro Ames, who usually goes by Jet, is an Art Director here at ParkerWhite. He has over 10 years of web design experience and specializes in digital design interface, website design and digital illustration. Jet provides a detailed eye to usability, user interfaces and complex interactions when designing and developing for HTML and flash-based websites. His […]