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21 Important Website Redesign Questions and Answers

HubSpot recently released a blog on “90 Questions to Ask Before Starting a Website Redesign”. There, they laid out pretty much every question you would want to ask your marketing, sales, and design teams, before deciding to redesign your website. With so many web design and development questions to consider, we thought our San Diego […]

The 14 Components of a Brand Platform

Every company, including yours, needs a brand platform to establish the brand and guide all branding and marketing decisions. There are many reasons why your brand plays a role in overall company success. You may be asking, what is the definition of a brand platform? For marketers, the brand platform and brand positioning strategy is the foundation for every […]

3 Tips For A More Effective Direct To Consumer Marketing Campaign

To understand which approach works best, we must first ask the question: What is a direct to consumer marketing campaign? A direct to consumer (DTC) campaign involves promoting a product or service directly from the seller to consumer, cutting out any middleman along the way, allowing the brand to build a direct relationship with their customers. […]

ParkerWhite Takes Home Three Platinum And 2 Gold Hermes Creative Awards

ParkerWhite’s award-winning San Diego branding, design, & digital agency takes home 5 Hermes Creative Awards: Bioventus Awarded for:  Print Media | Design | Packaging Year: 2018 The project: Bioventus selected Parkerwhite to assist in the rebranding of their Surgical Orthobiologics division, including a new website, print and digital ads, as well as creating new packaging […]

6 Steps To Help Ensure Your Brand Is Positioned Correctly

An effective positioning strategy not only defines the scope of your brand’s communication strategy, it provides a clear direction for all creative content, while ultimately establishing what your brand stands for. Think of it as a guiding light designed to help you differentiate your brand as you navigate through your competitive landscape, while also giving […]

Direct to Patient Marketing Checklist: Where to start?

The Goal of any Direct to Patient Marketing campaign should be geared towards empowering patients to make the best healthcare decisions for their individual needs. By providing patients with the necessary content and information at all stages of their patient journey, you’re guiding them towards the most positive health outcomes possible. Before focusing on the integrated patient […]

Should You Use An In-House Marketing Team Or An Outside Agency?

The benefits and drawbacks of hiring an outside agency versus building your own in-house team Media consumption habits are changing and traditional ways of communicating are diversifying. Having a well-equipped arsenal of expert marketers working for your brand, brimming with all the latest SEO, email, social, product, media, data, analytics, and strategy knowledge is pivotal […]