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Direct to Patient Marketing Checklist: Where to start?

The Goal of any Direct to Patient Marketing campaign should be geared towards empowering patients to make the best healthcare decisions for their individual needs. By providing patients with the necessary content and information at all stages of their patient journey, you’re guiding them towards the most positive health outcomes possible. Before focusing on the integrated patient […]

5 Tactics for More Effective Direct to Patient Marketing Campaigns

To understand which tactics work best, we must first ask the question: What is a direct to patient marketing campaign? A direct to patient marketing campaign is designed to reach consumers who are aware of their medical condition, and are either currently being treated or looking at medical options. Ultimately medical brands can empower these consumers through patient engagement […]

The 14 Components of a Brand Platform

Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in October 2013 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Every company, including yours, needs a brand platform to establish the brand and guide all branding and marketing decisions. There are many reasons why your brand plays a role in overall company success. You may be asking, what […]

Anatomy of a Direct To Patient Awareness Campaign that Drives Demand

Nowadays healthcare companies have more than doctors to win over—patient satisfaction is now tied directly to compensation, there’s a growing number of decision-makers in the C-suite, and there are also providers and payers to consider. The pressure is not on the companies to perform—it’s on the brands. Because of this shift, when our clients come […]