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Why Branding Is Important

If you’ve ever encountered creative packaging with a unique logo stamped to the side of a cool product, that’s a very basic and simple example of branding. When a business establishes an effective branded image, it cements its personality as a company and becomes a symbol that customers recognize, and more importantly - trust.

Example of Medical Device branding

What Is Branding?

Cambridge dictionary defines branding as “the act of giving a company a particular design or symbol to advertise its products and services.”  

When a design or symbol becomes a representation of a company, every webpage, email, pamphlet, etc., will have this image. The symbol attached to outgoing content from a company has significant influence over its current consumers, new customers, and in building customer loyalty. While brand recognition and retention is the goal of every business, there are many components that happen behind the scenes during a branding campaign.

What Are the Components of a Brand?

While there are many brand components, here are four of the most significant components of a solid brand. 

1. Logo

A company’s logo, symbol, or advertisement, becomes its identity as a brand. The importance of a well-thought about logo essentially means there were some meticulous decisions over the color palette, fonts, shapes, and other parts of the logo. 

A promising logo should have colors, fonts, shapes, etc., that embody the "mood" and "feeling" of a business. Consumers will likely associate a company with its logo, so logos must follow a business's values and message. Colors are important when creating a logo, with blue indicating trust and stability.

Medical device company corporate logo example. Blue is the most popular logo choice of Fortune 500 companies.

2. Motive, Value, Message

Brand messaging is the process of selecting and using the right words to communicate the essence of your brand to potential customers. There are two sides of brand messaging - internal and external brand messaging.

Internal - Think, company culture. This would be how the owner/CEO and the team define your brand. An example of this would be a mission statement and company values.

External - This type of messaging includes your positioning statement, key product or service differentiators, value propositions, and motto or slogan.

3. Consistent and Unique

Consistent branding over time is extremely important. No matter the industry, a business will encounter competition. With that in mind, the product or service offered must remain consistent to avoid confusion.

For example, packaging remains consistent while offering something the competition does not. 

4. Brand Experience

What is “brand experience?” 

Brand Experience is the lasting impression and emotional experience customers have of your brand (quality, value, honesty, etc.) This includes thoughts and perceptions, plus customer reactions to everything from direct marketing to large-scale SEO, PPC, email marketing, and display campaigns.

Why Is Branding Important? 

Branding is one of the most beneficial investments a business can make. As consumers, a company which has a creative logo that the user can connect to in some manner, plus unique packaging, unique deals, inspirational motto, allows us to connect to this organization and become loyal customers. The goal is to have people feeling good about using this product or service.

A company without intelligent branding will have trouble making an impression on or bridging an emotional connection to potential customers. Businesses that fail to leave an impression will likely struggle with employee retention and attracting new customers, and have to work harder to attract new business.

What Does a Branding Agency Do?

Branding agencies research, strategize, create, and build brands for businesses. At ParkerWhite we engaged in a complete rebrand of medical device company, CyMedica Orthopedics.

A branding agency can help with the following:

  • A brand strategy
  • Brand assets - logo, colors, tagline, etc.
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand identity
  • Animated explainer videos
  • Photography and video
  • Website design
  • Cohesive ads & marketing strategy - Google Adwords, Facebook, Instagram ads, etc.

ParkerWhite builds our client brands by understanding and aligning with the company's purpose, mission, and values. Contact us today.

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