Why branding is so vital in today’s changing Healthcare marketplace?

The power of branding is one of the most under leveraged business assets within the healthcare and medical device industries. Truly unlocking this potential can be a game changer for brands as they establish identity, provide distinction and differentiation, and provide incredible economic value to the bottom line. We see this time and time again, and the results pay off – especially for brands looking to be acquired.

As medical device manufacturers are developing innovative products and services, the real proof outside of clinical studies is how the market responds to the value and proposition that defines their brand.

As the healthcare market has become increasingly more competitive, and consumers have more choices and say in their care, effective branding has become an industry standard to play at the top.

The role of branding in healthcare: creating an emotional connection with patients and healthcare professionals.

Brands have the power to transform attitudes, preconceptions, and connect emotionally with their respective audiences. While medical device manufacturers market products and services that help improve the quality of care, they are still heavily securitized by value-based care and new reimbursement mandates. At the end of the day, a strong brand platform will help manufacturers navigate both the emotional and rational benefits to tell their brand story and capture the attention of key decision makers on a very authentic human level.

On the other hand, healthcare organizations rely on their brand to project a positive, supportive partnership and, perhaps even a sense of hope for patients. Great healthcare brands can go a giant step further, transforming patients’ attitudes towards their prognoses and treatments.

A brand is among your most valued assets

Great healthcare brands are relatable, captivating, and memorable. A strong brand serves as the foundation upon which you can build a future for your healthcare business. Much more than a symbol, slogan or trade name, brands are important living business assets that represent your organization across all touchpoints. A solid brand not only provides differentiation, but also drives perceived economic value.

When is brand development or rebranding needed?

In addition to establishing the identity of any newly formed company or organization, brand development comes into play for a wide range of scenarios and strategies during a business lifecycle.

  • When a brand has been acquired and needs to merge brands to tell a fuller story
  • When a healthcare business is positioning itself for sale and want to increase its brand asset value
  • When a healthcare entity is having trouble defining its value proposition
  • Your brand experience isn’t living up to your promise
  • Your customers and employees don’t know what you stand for

At ParkerWhite, we offer comprehensive branding services. As a committed partner throughout your marketing cycle, we embark with your brand in a long-term journey to build it into a valuable business asset. Our branding approach and offerings include:

  • 5D Branding — Discover, Define,Develop, Diffuse, Dissect
  • Branding Platform &Positioning
  • Visual Identity (logo design)
  • Brand Messaging— unify your brand message with consistency across all your marketing communications.
  • Personas—learn what kind of content will resonate with your target audience
  • Product & Company Naming
  • Brand & Product LaunchPlanning

Bottom line, we help you create a strong brand with unrivaled differentiation to provide financial and emotional value, and propel you into a sustainable future.

CyMedica Orthopedics--Brand Building Website and Campaign:

CyMedica is a world-class manufacturer of innovative, technology-driven orthopedic products.  ParkerWhite worked with CyMedia to rebrand and launch its new e-vive™ muscle activation and patient engagement solution.

It’s a new kind of medical device site, showcasing a new approach to rehab—for a new era in healthcare. View the logo re-design and brand overhaul that includes a new website, print collateral and digital marketing components here.

Imagine what we can do for you.

If you’re looking for a professional medical device or healthcare branding agency to help you brand and launch a new product or revitalize your existing brand, we are always ready to chat.

Why branding is so vital in today’s changing Healthcare marketplace?