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The Situation

ParkerWhite has worked with DJO Global for several years as their strategic marketing agency to lead the creative development  for their medical device product launch campaigns. As the global leader in orthopedic solutions, DJO Global has supported the top athletes in their field perform with confidence using DJO bracing and recovery products. Nothing says #1 brand more than the endorsement of the superstars who wear DJO products to stay at the top their game.

What we did:

Launch Strategy
Product Messaging
Sales Collateral
Product Video
Original Photography

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FullForce Knee Brace Campaign

DJO was looking to gain market share within the competitive “off-the-shelf” brace category. The FullForce campaign was created using premium brand positioning and included a microsite, product video, sales collateral, and print advertising.

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Osteoarthritis Solutions

Our campaign featured the products in a typical day in the life of a person living with OA using its various products from TENS, bracing, and cryotherapy to support their active lifestyles.

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Bone Stimulation Sales Collateral

We worked the CMF bone stimulation team to develop a series of sales tools to position their products and proprietary technology to separate them from the competitive landscape.

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Empi TENS Physician Support System

We worked with Empi marketing team to develop a comprehensive physician collateral kit with patient brochures, instructional videos, and reimbursement forms.

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The Faces of DonJoy

Discovering the amazing athletes that DonJoy bracing was endorsing was our great find in our discovery process. These athletes were at the top of their game wearing DonJoy braces. The campaign was a game changer for the brand and won several awards.

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The Results

Today, DJO Global continues to the be the #1 bracing brand. The DJO FullForce brace was the fastest selling brace to reach $2M in the company’s history. The FullForce brace is the #3 selling brace in the entire line, including custom braces.

From strategy to execution.

We partner with our clients to understand their business, people, and goals to provide practical solutions that deliver long-term success.

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