Medical Device Product Launch Plan & Marketing Tips

Since there are many competitors out on the market, medical device companies often find it difficult to successfully launch their new product lines.

This is why it’s necessary for your medical device to stand out in today’s crowded marketplace. To help you build a solid medical device marketing strategy, you should start with crafting a detailed medical device product launch plan.

A detailed product launch plan will help your device withstand most of the challenges the market throws at it. It will also help you keep up with customers as well as ensure that all stakeholders and team members are aligned with your plan.

Here is our medical product launch sample that demonstrates a successful process: 

1. Preparation and Planning

The preparation and planning step begins six to 12 months before a medical device launch. You and your team should look into your medical device’s user and buyer personas, so you can plan what your future marketing campaigns will look like. 

You should also define a marketing budget and expectations during this period and identify where you will be announcing the product. Will you announce the product in-person or online? Why? What works better for your product’s user and buyer personas?

You'll also need to define all of your marketing tactics and channels as well as your projected outcomes and KPIs.

2. Pre-launch medical product launch marketing activities

Now that you know what your potential audience will be, it’s time to start reaching out to them through medical product launch marketing activities. You should start getting social media followers and website subscribers during this stage. 

Consider creating medical product launch advertising campaigns to reach out to anyone who may be interested. You should also make a lead generation landing page and start crafting simple resources to generate interest in your medical device(s), such as free webinars, infographics, blogs, and more.

If you want help creating a successful medical product launch campaign, contact us so we can help you market your product to the right audiences.

3. Product Launch Day

On product launch day, you should’ve already gained a sizable social media presence to announce to. Additionally, try to set up a booth or another type of in-person event to launch your product to meet more potential customers and make more connections. 

4. Post-Launch Follow-Up

Follow up on the leads you gained during product launch day by emailing and messaging them. Tell them about any medical product launch promotion you have and any new developments regarding your medical device.

Check out this blog post featuring a medical product launch example to learn more about how to develop a brand strategy for medical devices. You can also read this article to learn more about medical device marketing strategies in 2021.

Read on to learn some of the tips we have for the medical device marketing process. 

Medical Device Marketing Tips and Ideas

Now that you have a solid launch plan in place, you’ll want to ensure that your marketing continues to drive leads and awareness after the launch. Here are some marketing tips to get you started:

1. Continuously tell your product’s story from new angles

By looking at your medical device’s selling points from a different angle, you will find new ways to make your product stand out from competitors. For example, you can mention the following about your product:

  • Recognition or awards
  • New applications for your medical device
  • New hires on your team with outstanding and/or unique qualifications
  • Customer case studies
  • Patient experiences and stories

‌Case Study #1: LOCATOR R-Tx Product Launch

LOCATOR R-Tx is a medical device for dental customers. We helped them create a new mantra, “Better. Simpler. Stronger”, to get them the customers they deserved. We also developed the following for their full launch:

  • Microsite
  • Print and email marketing
  • PR launch in Europe
  • Full sales collateral system for OEM partners
  • Tradeshow booth design, along with direct sales support

With our help, LOCATOR R-Tx beat sales expectations and got an overwhelmingly positive response within the first six months. LOCATOR R-Tx remains the #1 overdenture attachment system.

2. Connect your medical device to current events

You can create compelling medical product launch digital marketing campaigns to make your device more memorable by connecting it to current events.

For example, if your device solves respiratory issues, speak to how it can impact COVID-19 recovery. If it helps tackle the current obesity crisis, you can talk about how it can help potential clients lose weight and improve their health.

Feel free to check social media or the news for an idea of what is currently popular. However, don’t let popularity determine the way you frame your marketing campaign. You need to be as straightforward and honest as possible when marketing your medical device, so you don’t need to mention an event or topic unless it has a valid connection to your product.

As we will discuss in the section below, you need to appeal to your target personas that you developed during the planning and preparation phase of your product launch plan. To do so, you need to create concise, customized content that provides value to your personas by solving their problems.

3. Engage and Attract the audience you deserve

Oftentimes, products, particularly specialized products such as medical devices, don’t get the audience or exposure they deserve because their marketing campaigns aren’t attracting the right audiences.

To do this, you and your sales team need to develop the right target personas and customer journey maps so you can attract the right leads to your site and social media profiles. You can do so by telling compelling stories that resonate with your personas by:

  • Creating high-value content that grabs your target audience’s attention, such as white papers, social media posts, and blogs
  • Editing and developing content that is well-researched and delivers important information in a concise and clear manner
  • Promoting white papers and other long-form content on social media, if they are hard to find on your website
  • Providing virtual demos of your medical device so potential customers know what they’ll get
  • Creating chatbots for faster price quotations

Case Study #2: CyMedica Orthopedics

CyMedia Orthopedics is a therapy-based digital health technology platform that creates products to treat muscles weakened by knee osteoarthritis or surgery.

We worked with CyMedia Orthopedics to rebrand their platform, identified and designed their logo, and named their new app, e-vive.

We attracted and engaged CyMedia Orthopedics’ target audience by applying the following inbound marketing strategies to speak directly to customer challenges:

  • Captured images for brochures and campaigns
  • Developed a creative product video to show potential customers how the e-vive product works and how it meets the mandates of Value-Based Care
  • Designed a new website to present the brand and give supporting information to patients and physicians about e-vive

With our help, CyMedia Orthopedics was able to highlight its innovative e-vive app for patients and providers alike. Currently, e-vive is a popular and important protocol for prehab and rehab recovery.


Now that you know more about how to create a medical device product launch plan and how to start marketing your product, it’s time to start developing a product launch plan for your medical device.

We at ParkerWhite are an inspired group of experts at medical device marketing. We have over 24 years of successful marketing for a wide variety of companies, from start-ups to Fortune 1000 companies. 

If you’re interested in partnering with us, contact us today with your medical product launch ideas. 

Medical Device Product Launch Plan & Marketing Tips

Medical Device Product Launch FAQs

What is inbound marketing for medical devices?

‌Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that attracts customers by crafting content that appeals to them. It's the opposite of outbound marketing, which gives the audience content that they don't always want.

How much is usually spent on marketing for medical devices?

‌According to, in the United States alone, 2.5 million was spent in 2020 on medical device marketing.

When should I start my medical device marketing campaign?

‌You should start your medical device marketing campaign as soon as you've finished your prototype. Even before you finish your prototype, you should brainstorm what your marketing campaign will be.