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Medical Device Marketing Strategy in 2021

May 20, 2021

Daily life in 2021 looks different than it did before the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumer habits are shifting, and people are making more informed and health-conscious buying choices. Healthcare has been trending toward digital, with 95% of major employers offering telehealth coverage. Medical device marketing in 2021 must take into account these changes and respond both empathetically and strategically to the evolving market landscape.

‌How does medical device marketing differ from other forms?

Traditionally, medical device marketing has happened at trade shows and conferences with brochures and other informational materials. Recently, though, the online presence for medical device marketing is booming. 

Blogs showcasing and reviewing new medical device startups are gaining popularity as healthcare providers look to internet search results to inform their buying decisions.

Marketing Strategies and Tips for Medical Devices

1. Understand Your Customers

The most important strategy in creating a marketing plan is understanding your audience. Since you've already done the market research to create your product, you already know who you’ll be selling to — doctors, patients, hospitals, or private practice — and the problem your medical device solves. This informs where you direct your medical device marketing efforts and how you explain your solutions to the people who need them.

Since medical tech leaders make critical decisions that impact the overall healthcare system, it's essential to reach key stakeholders quickly and efficiently with compelling storytelling about how beneficial a product is to people’s lives. The medical tech industry is both complex and competitive, which makes purchase decisions even more challenging since they are based on outcomes, cost analysis, and benefits to clinicians and patients. Purchases are usually made by committees. However, stakeholders, including physicians, surgeons, and nurses, can influence these purchase decisions, as well as patient education and awareness by increasing brand demand.

Orthobiologics leader Bioventus launched an award-winning branding system. Bioventus’s comprehensive market strategy is an excellent example of precise and cohesive product positioning.

2. Commit to Quality Digital Content

People mainly use the web to search and then filter out what they're looking for, no matter the product. Medical devices and medtech products are no exception, and defining your business's online presence is key to reaching your customers. 

You need a website with in-depth information on your devices and features. Think of brochures and informational packets designed specifically for your different customer sets as supplemental to your website. The website should be visible to targeted customers with paid ads, organic content, and SEO, which targets people at all stages of the funnel. Smart online marketing unlocks the opportunity to collect data with lead-generation systems and then create a compelling content campaign for your product. 

ZEST created an e-commerce platform that generates over $1M in online sales a year. A new website, email marketing, and lead-generation programs handle the work strategically and efficiently to drive traffic and e-commerce conversions. 

3. Educate Your Audience 

Resources containing the same essential information can be formatted for particular customers — whether you’re trying to educate doctors and healthcare providers or patients themselves. Marketers can create self-guided, on-demand educational portals to teach customers how to use 

devices properly. This approach is increasingly popular with pharmaceutical companies, and with 58% of patients reporting a preference for digital communication in medical interactions, medical device companies should be quick to follow suit. 

Vertiflex has seen incredible growth and resounding patient success. How? Vertiflex’s redesigned website centers around patient education, and sales tools emphasize patient empathy. 

How Can Medical Device Marketing Agencies Help? 

Still struggling to define or develop your marketing plan? We can help‌

ParkerWhite is a leading medical device marketing agency with 24 years of experience helping medical device companies succeed with professional branding services. We understand how rapidly the healthcare industry and consumer behavior can change. We specialize in helping medical device companies make strategic marketing shifts to meet their customers’ needs. 

With more than two decades of experience, we bring the expertise to help you understand the market landscape and figure out where your company fits in — and how you can stand out as a leader.

We provide end-to-end services based on proven methods. We’ll collaborate with you from strategy to execution, including working alongside your web team. From a complete analysis of your business to innovative marketing strategies, we’ll help you develop a plan for serious growth and long-term, sustainable success.

‌What services do we provide?

ParkerWhite is a full-service branding agency with a unique 5D Branding process geared to uncover your brand's true potential. 

We focus on your brand's entire ecosystem to create seamless end-to-end engagement with customers, ensuring that they can comfortably trust and rely on the quality of your product or service experience. 

We help you build a solid foundation by architecting a personalized market approach for your brand that adjusts with the ever-evolving value-based care system. We develop new brand platforms and refresh existing brands with naming and brand identity, customer experience strategies, brand messaging, web and digital branding, content creation, and creative campaigns. 

How do we measure successes?

You tell us what KPIs matter  to you, and we’ll help you get there with tailored marketing solutions geared to help you meet your goals. We are driven by enhancing the quality of peoples' lives, and we carry this passion into our medical device marketing. Not only do we want your business to succeed, but we want to help you truly understand your customers and deliver a unique customer experience at every touchpoint. 

In turn, your company gains the ability to grow exponentially with strategies that elevate clinical performance, reduce costs, and improve patient outcomes. 

Let’s start a conversation.

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