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The Situation

MicroAire approached ParkerWhite to craft a direct-to-patient strategy to build awareness and drive interest for its SmartRelease Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release procedure. For the past 20 years, MicroAire has been targeting surgeons to adopt the minimally invasive endoscopic approach over the traditional open surgery and felt that it was time that patients had more information to make an educated choice in their procedure options.

ParkerWhite began talking with patients, surgeon users, and non-users to gain a clear perspective of the SmartRelease value proposition. We quickly became enamored with the endoscopic procedure and have made it our mission to educate patients on the incredible advantages of the advanced, yet simple procedure. Why would anyone do it the old way?

What we did:

Stakeholder Interviews
Patient Quantitative Study
Patient Journey Roadmap
Digital and Competitive Audit
Brand and Campaign Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy
Social Media Strategy
Surgeon Testimonial Videos
Patient Success Stories
Campaign Lifestyle Photography
Branded Patient Education Website

microaire smartrelease case study responsive website

Patient Quantitative Research Study

To understand the carpal tunnel sufferer mindset and their journey, we conducted a robust quantitative study to dive deeper into their fears, concerns, motivations, and stages they go through in their journey to treatment.

microaire smartrelease case study personas customer journey

Lifestyle Campaign Photography

The common theme that came from the research was that people just want to get back to doing what they love or simply to be able to work and live life without pain. We selected key lifestyle activities that use repetitive hand movements and built our SmartRelease imagery using bold colors that reflect positive outcomes.

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Patient Success Stories & Videos

We didn’t have to search hard for recent, happy SmartRelease patients. Not only were they excited to share their success stories, but they also spoke from their hearts. This procedure was truly life-changing for them.

microaire smartrelease case study patient testimonial video
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Website UX, Design, and Development

With the goal of building patient awareness and the enormous number of organic searches for carpal tunnel keywords, we were able to secure carpaltunnel.com as the URL for our branded patient education website with a drive to the “find a specialist” surgeon finder.

ParkerWhite designed the website to allow users on any device to easily navigate the site and access the content.

microaire smartrelease case study website mockup

Carpal Tunnel Symptoms Quiz

In understanding the patient journey, we created a Symptoms Quiz for those who are just in the discovery phase of seeking answers to their hand pain symptoms. The quiz is a fun interaction to help people determine if their symptoms may be related to carpal tunnel and if seeking advice from a physician is the next best step in their journey.

microaire smartrelease case study quiz

Direct-to-Patient Digital Advertising Campaign and Strategy

We crafted a targeted paid media campaign strategy to drive traffic to the carpaltunnel.com website using sophisticated targeting tools to identify the most likely candidates seeking treatment.

microaire smartrelease case study digital ads

Social Media Strategy, Content Development, and Management

As we expand the SmartRelease community, social media plays a key role in growing engagement and awareness. Our social media strategy is designed to educate and empower those living with carpal tunnel to learn about SmartRelease and to make an informed treatment decision.

microaire smartrelease case study social stories
microaire smartrelease case study social posts

Patient Support Tools

To help patients navigate their conversations with physicians, a simple one-page document with questions about their symptoms and treatment options was developed as a quick download.

microaire smartrelease case study doctor questions download

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