Star Trac Marketing Campaign: "Find Your Inner Hero"

We are excited to reflect on our campaign for Star Trac®, a leading manufacturer of fitness equipment, who aspires to motivate gym members across the globe.

Born from the idea that everybody can find their “inner hero”, the photo series features not only professional athletes, but also ordinary people testing their personal fitness limits. The new campaign is an update to the wildly popular previous collection, which has been displayed in fitness facilities around the world.

Some of the featured athletes include Mixed Martial Arts fighter Joe Duarte, professional golfer Maiya Tanaka and roller derby sensation Bo Toxic, who says, “I remind myself every day that I am doing what I love, and I am inspired knowing that in each game I gave 110% of myself. I know that if I give everything I have, win or lose, I can be proud of myself and look back with no regrets.”,

We commissioned Dean Bradshaw for the photography, who did an amazing job of capturing the determined athleticism in each subject while adding his own artistic vision with the final composites.


Star Trac® offered the images to fitness facilities across the globe as part of a larger integrated marketing campaign to inspire the inner hero in their members and create a sense of community in each individual location.

What do you do to inspire your inner hero?


Creative Disclaimer: The tagline on the roller derby girls "Bitches Rule" was not the selected tagline option. The produced tagline is "Redefine Fun".