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The Situation

Star Trac, a global commercial fitness equipment company, experienced flat sales and failed product launches along with a stale brand image. They wanted to diversify their product offering and go after both U.S. and international market share.

What we did:

Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging
Brand Identity
Creative Advertising Campaigns
Creative Collateral Systems
Photography and Video
Tradeshow Booth Design
Website Design

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The Brand Strategy

As every competitor was focused on the features and benefits of their products, we took Star Trac's mission, "To build lifelong habits in health and fitness" to heart.

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Expect Different Campaign

Our “Expect Different” campaign is a rallying cry for just that. We have created a whole new way to communicate with Star Trac’s customers to become ambassadors of change and make a difference in local communities that stretched across the world.

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The Results

The Expect Different campaign drove sales growth of over $100M the first year, resulting in a nearly 300% increase. Annual sales grew to over $200 million and unaided brand recognition grew by 1000%.


Sales growth


YoY increase in sales


Unaided brand recognition

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