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The Situation

While HDIS is one of the most successful brands in the incontinence space among more mature audiences, they came to ParkerWhite for help expanding to a younger, more digitally savvy target. Thus, Sofia & Grace was created. A new, bold brand that is destigmatizing urinary continence–empowering women to connect with other women and to live life with confidence and grace. Bringing this brand to life, we crafted the brand strategy, brand name, messaging, an extensive e-commerce website, interactive product selector quiz, high-end packaging system, social media strategy, and email marketing campaign to launch the brand.

What we did:

Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging
Naming & Brand Identity
Creative Packaging Design
Website Design
Social Strategy
Email Marketing

sofia grace case study brand

The Brand Strategy

We undertook a period of research to uncover consumer insights that led to the development of the Sofia & Grace brand strategy and naming that was fresh and approachable along with a look and feel that resonated with our empowered women.

sofia grace case study logo exploration
sofia grace case study logo
sofia grace case study brand book

Website and Product Selector Quiz

We strategized and designed a robust e-commerce experience where users could easily find their “Perfect Product” and manage their subscriptions – while providing educational content and building community.

sofia grace case study website

Designing the Perfect Product Quiz

To help women navigate the ideal product for their lifestyle, ParkerWhite created an interactive quiz that suggests products based on their unique issues, measurements, and subscription preferences.

sofia grace case study quiz

Email Marketing Strategy

A full email marketing strategy will support ongoing promotions, engagement, and nurture campaigns.

sofia grace case study website mockup

Driving Engagement Through Social Media Strategy

ParkerWhite created a social media strategy to position Sofia & Grace social channels as a safe community for women to talk openly, without feeling shame—establishing the brand as a trusted expert in urinary incontinence and building brand loyalty.

sofia grace case study social
sofia grace case study social community

Unboxing Experience

The robust packaging system included a special box for first-time subscribers, card inserts to encourage customers to join the online community, and a surprise box filled with curated products from women-led businesses.

sofia grace case study packaging

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