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The Situation

SneakPeek, an early gender DNA test that predicts the baby’s gender at 9 weeks with 99.6% accuracy. Similar to ancestry DNA tests, moms can take the test at home and send in for test results within 72 hours. The product and science-based technology is a category disruptor to the standard sonogram at 20 weeks or expensive blood tests that are typically not covered for low-risk pregnancies. The SneakPeek product allows excited parents accurate results at an unprecedented timeframe at a sub $100 price point. Now we need to get people to know about it.

What we did:

Brand Strategy
Digital Strategy & Creative
Digital Media Planning & Buying
Conversion Rate Optimization
Search Engine Optimization
Website Design

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Direct-to-Consumer Lead Generation Strategy

We worked with the team at SneakPeek to develop their lead generation strategy and digital marketing campaign to attract new customers and build brand awareness by designing brand focused ads to elevate the buyer experience and increase brand recall.

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Conversion Rate Optimization

To understand the motivations and preference of customers we launched a 6-month testing campaign strategy with a variety of messaging e-commerce shopping A/B tests to narrow in on optimum performance.

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sneakpeek case study a/b test product page

Rebranded Website

We used optimization learnings to build a more robust customer experience and online community with an updated website and content strategy to serve both their at-home sales along with their new SneakPeek Clinical program.

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The Results

We implemented an integrated marketing strategy and on-going tactics to continually optimize the customer journey which helped grow sales and traffic by more than 100% year over year. All efforts tied back into the overall success of elevating the brand, customer experience, and product to new growths. In just 2 years, we helped grow SneakPeek sales by 291%.


Units sold


YoY traffic growth


Sales growth over 2 years

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