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How To Build A Website That Converts

When ensuring your website is built to convert, you need to ask yourself: is my website helping me drive sales? If your answer is yes, then are you measuring your ROI to see what key campaign drivers are generating these sales? If your answer is no, then what are you waiting for?Your website is the most critical digital touch point your brand has. Consumers are visiting your site to find more information about your products or services and to potentially engage with you. After driving website traffic, are you creating enough opportunities to convert them into leads? Follow these website conversion optimization steps from our San Diego web design team to help you create a website that converts.

First, we know that one of the best times to update your website is when you want to collect new leads. We also know that one of the most effective methods of collecting leads through your website is by building landing pages with relevant content. After all, if potential customers can’t find your website when they’re searching for information about your product or services, they will never be reached.

Second, test your landing pages! This point can’t be emphasized enough. In order to know how your landing pages are performing, you need to create a few variations and utilize A/B testing to help optimize your conversion rates.

Third, create a meaningful user journey to guide your visitors down your intended conversion path. Develop calls to action and cues to direct the visitor to a landing or offer page. You will need to provide something of value in exchange for their information. This can be a relevant case study to the product or service you are offering or a technical white paper that explains a concept in more detail.

Lastly, measure your results and continue to update and improve what you have built. Track everything: how many visits to your landing pages have you had? How many clicks or downloads have those landing pages had? How many visitors have come back to your site after downloading? And remember, if something is not effective, keep iterating and testing to improve your conversion rates.

How To Build A Website That Converts