What "We Give Brands Life" Means to Us

We’re an inspired group of strategists and creatives who share a passion for working on projects that matter. For over 20 years, our success has been propelled by helping our customers with brand development and transforming their businesses to affect positive change. We believe living an active, healthy lifestyle leads to a happier, healthier humanity. So, we asked our team what “We Give Brands Life” means to them. Here’s what they had to say:

Cindy, Creative Director and CEO: Whether working with an existing brand or launching a new brand or product, we work to establish a brand’s unique essence and then bring it to life by creating an image, personality, and voice that represents that unique essence. It becomes a living entity that grows and matures, and eventually occupies a clear mental symbol of how people view and perceive the brand.

A brand with life is expressive, engaging and interactive at every touchpoint of communication and expression, from its corporate vision and internal culture to its’ marketing and voice in its’ social space. I truly enjoy the collaborative process of discovery. Unearthing a new brand and then watching it come to life with real adoption and excitement within an organization as if they were bringing a new child into the world!

Keith, Strategic Growth Officer:  We give brands life has always meant to me that our belief about creating a brand has to go well past marketing. I believe that our system of creating a social outreach program and having the brands that work with PW consider giving back is what gives a brand life. Giving on an individual and corporate level says the brand is bigger than its product or service and has chosen to take on a life of its own.

People connect on a deeper level with a brand that has a persona and is doing its part in giving back in a way greater than just donating money.

Jenny, Social Media Manager: In today’s noisy world of savvy consumers, the most human companies win. Giving brands life means turning an intangible brand into a persona that appeals to constant human truths – to believe, belong, and find meaning.

AJ, Senior Digital Designer: A brand that isn’t looking to grow is looking to die. We aren’t just giving a pulse check, we are actively looking for ways our clients’ brands can flourish and leave lasting impacts their industries. I love working with clients who are willing to change the game and play by their own rules. Pushing our limits is how we discover new opportunities for brands to thrive and for increased trust in our clients’ customers.

Shelby, Project Manager: A brand can seem like a convoluted concept–and it is. Every design, interaction, experience comprises a brand. It’s not a single website or marketing initiative, it is the consistent actions and values of a company that craft its brand and perception. Giving brands life means providing the strategy and tools for companies to be top competitors and make a difference in peoples’ lives for the better.

Ryan, Digital Designer: Exceptional brands attract customers and staff while managing to create raving fans. However, most businesses are slow to realize that creating a distinctive and meaningful brand is the magic ingredient that creates sustainable competitive advantage. And no matter if you define your business as B2C, B2B or corporate – in the end it’s all P2P (people to people). When we give brands life, we uncover the unique DNA strand each brand possesses. We then develop the necessary strategies that position and allow for that brand to flourish in the most humanized way possible, ensuring meaningful interactions happen daily in the most organic way possible.

What "We Give Brands Life" Means to Us