What “We Give Brands Life” Means to Us

We asked our team what “We Give Brands Life” means to them. Here’s what they had to say:

Cindy White:

Whether working with an existing brand or launching a new brand or product, we work to establish a brand’s unique essence and then bring it to life by creating an image, personality and voice that represents that unique essence. It becomes a living entity that grows and matures, and eventually occupies a clear mental symbol of how people view and perceive the brand.

A brand with life is expressive, engaging and interactive at every touch point of communication and expression, from its’ corporate vision and internal culture, to its’ marketing and voice in its’ social space. I truly enjoy the collaborative process of discovery and unearthing a new brand and then watching it come to life with real adoption and excitement within an organization as if they were bringing a new child into the world!

Keith White:
We give brands life has always meant to me that our belief about creating a brand has to go well past marketing. I believe that our system of creating a social outreach program and having the brands that work with PW consider giving back is what gives a brand life. Giving on an individual and corporate level says the brand is bigger than it’s product or service and has chosen to take on a life of it’s own.

People connect on a deeper level with a brand that has a persona and is doing it’s part in giving back in a way greater than just  donating money.

Blair Kohn:

While seemingly intangible, brands are one of most influential driving forces in all of our daily purchase decisions. Since childhood, advertisers and marketers have personified brands to attract our attention in characters like Tony the Tiger and Ronald McDonald. Giving brands life requires a strong and compelling messaging platform and a detailed narrative and description of precisely how we want to position a brand in the minds of consumers. When all of our efforts align, the outcome is a tangible product created from intangible concepts.

Jet Ames:

“We Give Brands Life” is our manifesto. We publicly declare to enrich your brand with multiple touch points. Whether you need creative to beautify your brand, strategy to dominate your industry, or simply a voice to personalize your social space. We research, we act, and we create to humanize your brand to stand out from the “everyday.”

Our goal is to look beyond the sales, and breath life into your brand.

Richard Morrow:

Brands are ideas that are developed to become entities in the hearts and minds of consumers. The goal of every brand is to evoke a response, but a good brand’s goal is to evoke emotion. So, to me, a brand has been given life at the point that you are able to trigger a response from the consumer. Whether that response is good or bad, your brand now has life.

Tyson Misleh:

What do Mickey Mouse, The Kool-Aid Man, The Most Interesting Man In The World, I Love New York and Mr. Peanut all have in common?  They’re icons.  While each were originally created to help “sell” a product, service or experience in some way, shape or form, each has out grown their intended role and gained a place in our collective culture.  They’ve each been given life.  That’s what “We Give Brand’s Life” means to me.  As advertising professionals, we strive to connect consumers with the products, services and experiences that really matter to them.  When we do, those brands transcend their medium and jump off the page – they interact with us in our everyday lives.  In essence, they are alive.

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