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The Good Feet Store

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Rebooting foot pain relief.

The Situation

The Good Feet Store, a well-established franchise selling high-end arch supports, was looking to overhaul their brand and reposition themselves to a wider audience of younger customers while elevating the brand perception and let actual customers tell their success stories.

What we did:

Brand Strategy
Brand Messaging
Brand Identity
Creative Collateral Systems
Creative Packaging Design
Digital Strategy & Creative
Lead Generation Programs
Website Design

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The Brand Strategy

We first started by working with Good Feet to develop the verbal language and what exactly the brand stands for as we began to frame the brand story around its core values.

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Website Redesign

The new website elevated the brand experience by helping prospects explore the life-changing benefits of proper foot alignment through real customer stories. The website was an entry point for consumers to navigate to their local franchise location.

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good feet case study website

3-Step System Packaging

The cornerstone of the Good Feet alignment program is in their 3-Step System. The packaging was designed to help educate consumers through the process and be a sturdy package to store the inserts at home.

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Marketing Toolkit

With over 100 franchise-owned stores, we developed a marketing toolkit with a variety of templates for direct mailers, newspaper advertising, email marketing, in-store signage, and corporate produced TV spots for local implementation.

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The Results

We have only scratched the surface of growth possibilities. In just 12 months, with the launch of the new website, customer testimonial TV spots, direct mail campaign, and collateral, overall traffic and sales have continued to grow while almost tripling the number of new franchisees.

From strategy to execution.

We partner with our clients to understand their business, people, and goals to provide practical solutions that deliver long-term success.

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